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The eBerlitz Blended Learning program – Classroom & e-Learning, combines Berlitz’s signature face-to-face classroom instruction with the convenience and flexibility of online lessons in CyberTeachers.

Learners can practice in self-study from home or from the office, at their own pace, with unlimited access. In their face-to-face lessons they concentrate on their listening and oral expression skills. This blended solution is designed to maximize the training efficiency and to accelerate the learning speed.

The eBerlitz Blended-Learning is based on the exclusive Berlitz’ methodology. The course content is personalized to each individual learning profile, objectives, profession and interests. This makes for a seamless, flexible and efficient learning experience!

The Classroom & e-Learning solution is:

  • Flexible: learners can study anytime / anywhere with unlimited access;
  • Personalized: they work on customized content linked to their profession or areas of interest;
  • Efficient: it optimizes the different learning phases (learners do prior work on comprehension and memorization through e-learning, thus maximizing their speaking practice in the classroom); and
  • Motivating: with personalized content and fast results, learners keep highly motivated all throughout the training.

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