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As organizations have evolved from international to multinational to truly global, the communicative skill needs have also changed. Business language is no longer simply transactional; it too has evolved to a new and diverse consultative style of communication. Berlitz Business Communications Skills (BBCS) will:

  • Equip non-native English speakers with the skills necessary to become effective leaders in the global business arena
  • Enable participants to practically apply their English language skills in realistic business environments
  • Help participants overcome any existing barriers that prevent them from effectively conducting business in English

The BBCS Programs — Basic, Advanced & Expert

The BBCS curriculum builds off of participants’ existing level of English language skills. BBCS is structured in three levels: Basic, Advanced and Expert. Each of these programs develops business skills in four core areas – Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations and Leadership & Coaching. The modules are delivered in 32 total hours of training. Additional modules are currently available, including Business Writing, Teleconferences and Persuasion Techniques.


Basic requires intermediate proficiency in English for participation. Participants develop the skills that will enable them to actively contribute in meetings and give formal presentations. They also gain the ability to engage in negotiations and confidently assert their opinions. A major component of the program involves simulations – practice in all areas is critical for success.

Meetings Presentations Negotiations Leadership & Coaching
Participation Presentation Language and Structure Preparing for Negotiations (objectives, interests, options, BATNA) Assertive Communication
Facilitation (brainstorming, decision making, external meeting) Visual communication Framing, Bargaining, Making Cconcession Active Listening
Handling Difficult Participants Handling Q&A Managing Conflict Asking Questions


Provided a participant has an advanced language proficiency of 7+, he or she may either continue with Advanced after completing Basic or start at the Advanced level.  Presentation skills are further honed, and include how to handle difficult situations and how to make presentation styles more impactful.  Negotiation skills extend to facilitating the process itself.  Like Basic, the Advanced curriculum is rich in projects and simulations, engaging participants in practical, real-life applications of the skills.

Meetings Presentations Negotiations Leadership & Coaching
Pre- and Post-Meeting Facilitation Tasks Preparing Content: Purpose, Objectives, Audience Awareness Negotiation Styles Influencing People as a Leader and a Coach
Decision Making and Problem Solving Tools Visuals Seven Elements of Negotiations Understanding the Importance of Change Management
Dealing With Challenging Meeting Situations Dealing with disruptions and problem participants Anticipating Obstacles Giving Feedback


Expert presumes a participant has met the English language proficiency requirements of Advanced and has completed the Advanced curriculum.  Expert is designed for those who are either already in, or about to move into, high-level senior decision making roles.  Participants should have mastered how to lead and participate in the four main areas of business communications, and now would like to further their command over the direction of the proceedings and have influence and effectiveness outside those formalized situations.

Meetings Presentations Negotiations Leadership & Coaching
Persuasion & Influence Expert Presentations Evaluating, Creating and Maintaining Networks Communication to Motivate
Pathos / Ethos / Logos Facilitating as a Participant Informal Introductions Communicating to Effect Change
Western vs Eastern Logic Multi-Dimensional Negotiation Global Mind Managing Up
Argument Building Creating Multi-Variable Options in Negotiations   Understanding your Superior
Emotional Intelligence      

Post-Course Support

In addition to being provided with continued e-mail support upon course completion, participants also receive the following:

  • BBCS Certificate: The participants who complete the course successfully receive a signed BBCS Certificate of Achievement.
  • BBCS Report: The trainer report provides participants with information on class participation, areas improved and points to focus on.
  • DVD: For the presentation modules and others on request, the DVD charts the participant’s performance over the various recorded simulations. The participant can use the DVD in tandem with the BBCS report to assess their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Fully Customized Training Programs

Berlitz is committed to partnering with clients to deliver value-added trainings that bring tangible results.  We offer fully customized programs for client-specific attendees.  We meet with you to ascertain the specific communicative goals and requirements of the organization. We then create a goal focused agenda with emphasis on the skill takeaways of the participants. Once the agenda is approved, the customized curriculum is developed utilizing proprietary materials, complemented by full case studies from leading business education institutions such as Harvard University. Throughout this process, we work closely with you to receive feedback and integrate new requests into the program as required to ensure a significant return on training. Generally, the customized trainings are delivered at the client site to groups sized from four to ten.

The eBerlitz Blended Learning program – Classroom & e-Learning, combines Berlitz’s signature face-to-face classroom instruction with the convenience and flexibility of online lessons in CyberTeachers.

Learners can practice in self-study from home or from the office, at their own pace, with unlimited access. In their face-to-face lessons they concentrate on their listening and oral expression skills. This blended solution is designed to maximize the training efficiency and to accelerate the learning speed.

The eBerlitz Blended-Learning is based on the exclusive Berlitz’ methodology. The course content is personalized to each individual learning profile, objectives, profession and interests. This makes for a seamless, flexible and efficient learning experience!

The Classroom & e-Learning solution is:

  • Flexible: learners can study anytime / anywhere with unlimited access;
  • Personalized: they work on customized content linked to their profession or areas of interest;
  • Efficient: it optimizes the different learning phases (learners do prior work on comprehension and memorization through e-learning, thus maximizing their speaking practice in the classroom); and
  • Motivating: with personalized content and fast results, learners keep highly motivated all throughout the training.

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