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In today’s world, the ability to communicate across cultural boundaries is critical to success. Berlitz “wrote the book” on language instruction more than 130 years ago and continues to be a thought leader in language, cross-cultural and leadership issues. Bookmark this page to access a library of white papers on all aspects of cross-cultural communication, diversity, managing in a global environment and other topics from the experts at Berlitz and our subsidiary, Training Management Corporation (TMC). 


The Berlitz Virtual Classroom is an excellent example of a dynamic computer-assisted language learning classroom environment that can be used independently or together with face-to-face, in-person instruction. Using synchronous computer mediated communication, the BVC provides learners with video, audio, and text-based input, as well as interactive whiteboard technology, to support and facilitate second language learning. 

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How can you best support your staff to overcome language, communication, and culture challenges in today’s global market?

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Multilingualism: Driver of Competitiveness?

This document addresses the issue of multilingualism in Luxembourg, specifically in the business world, and examines its role in making Luxembourg a competitive player in international economics.

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Global Communication Handbook:

The Berlitz Global Communication Handbook has been prepared to help English native speakers improve their communication skills with non-native speakers. Non-native English speakers may also use this document as a reference for common expressions and guidelines for communication with native English speakers.

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Global Expatriates Observatory: White Paper 2011

This paper presents the results of an in-depth 2010-2011 Berlitz Cultural Consulting study examining the international mobility of executives, managers and salaried professionals who were anticipating expatriation.

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Inclusive Leadership: Critical for Competitive Advantage

Diversity exists today in just about every part of the world and every industry sector.
As the world becomes “flat” and organizations continue to globalize, a diverse
workforce is commonplace.
Global organizations understand that a diverse workforce can be the primary source
of competitive advantage. But simply having a diverse organization is not enough.

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Culture and the Customer Service Experience

Customers typically expect quick, polite and thorough solutions. Assumptions about how to provide that excellent customer service experience, however, vary from culture to culture and often pose a challenge. Organizations that focus on customer service require a global perspective in their approach.

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Accelerating Global Leadership Development

This paper explains how the Cultural Orientations Approach™ uses an understanding of emotional and social intelligence, and universal and culturally conditioned leadership characteristics, to accelerate development of global leadership capabilities.

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Global Expatriates Observatory: White Paper 2010

This paper presents the results of an in-depth 2009-2010 Berlitz Cultural Consulting study examining the international mobility of executives, managers and salaried professionals who were anticipating expatriation.

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Introducing the Six Levels of Culture

This paper explores the six levels of culture—national/societal, social identity group, organizational, functional, team and individual—that affect an organization’s growth and performance.

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What Diversity & Inclusion Is Really About

This paper clarifies the key myths and misperceptions regarding diversity & inclusion and identifies ways that such initiatives can add value by improving individual and organizational performance.

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Other Countries Other Customs

My name is Alessia and I am from Italy. I've been working in the finance sector since I started university, and over the years I have reached management level. My job requires me to speak two languages on a regular basis, something I found difficult in my first years in this institution.

I discovered, though, that the more effort I put into perfecting my second language, the better I got at a lot of things. Below are a few reasons why I think learning a second language can be advantageous to your career.

Improved communication skills

Without a doubt, speaking a second language will vastly enhance your communication skills. By practicing your speaking and writing skills in a second language, you'll also indirectly improve your general skills. I have found that I have become more comfortable speaking in front of people and dealing with day-to-day business.

Greater cultural understanding

Along with learning a language, you also learn about the cultures in which that language is spoken. This broadens your horizons and makes it easier for you to understand cultural differences. Personally, this has made me more adept at working with people from different countries and backgrounds.

More confidence

As your skills in your new language grow, so will your confidence. That boost in confidence will flow into other parts of your life, increasing your motivation and your appeal at work.

Deeper awareness of your strengths and weaknesses

Learning a new language can be hard, but it is also rewarding. As you progress, you'll discover how you can best remember new ideas as well as where you may need more time to get things done. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses has helped me structure not only my learning but also my life in a way that is suitable to how I tick - I am sure you will have the same experience.

A second language makes you more attractive to employers

Speaking more than one language opens you up to professional possibilities because it expands the number of people you can communicate with, which is particularly important in today's global world. It's not just because you speak a second language; the whole array of soft skills you develop while learning a second language are beneficial across the board. Employers value having people on their team with the very skills you'll acquire as you work toward fluency in your second language.


Berlitz caters to individuals looking to improve their careers and offers a series of language and business courses designed to enhance your marketability. The courses focus on language acquisition as well as on the development of business concepts and soft skills valued by employers around the world.

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