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Impressing Future Emplyers


My name is Robert, and I am from the USA. I always wanted to travel, so one day I decided to study Spanish, thinking that it would open some doors at work - and it certainly did, but in ways I hadn't imagined. Back then, I was a low-level employee, but now I not only get to travel, I'm the head of the HR department. For me, learning Spanish was the key. For you, maybe it's a different language.

Here are some of the best languages to learn to advance your career:

English: In all corners of the Earth, English is used as a common language. Learning to speak English with ease is essential and will open many doors around the globe, not just in English-speaking countries. No matter what industry you work in, English is always a good choice.

Mandarin: China has a huge economy and has a hand in industry worldwide. Top that with the number of people who speak Mandarin - 14.4% of global population - and it's easy to see why Mandarin is an important language to learn.

Arabic: Business in the Middle East offers numerous opportunities in a variety of sectors, and the first step to advancing your career in the region is by learning Arabic. It is also one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, meaning the number of business chances that arise from the mere fact that you speak the language is extensive.

Spanish: The main language in Central and South America is Spanish, making it an exciting language to learn for those looking for ways to expand their international career. Whether you are doing business in Spain or working in the Americas, learning Spanish will broaden your horizons and open you up to one of the most interesting linguistic histories in the world.

Portuguese: Brazil is a major player in the worldwide economy, and knowledge of the Portuguese language as well as Brazilian culture is key to those hoping to work closely with partners in this hot spot.

Russian: Russia is a big business power, and the ability to speak the language gives you access to countless opportunities. What's more, many people in countries near Russia also speak the language, which opens up even more doors.

French: French has long been an international language, and fluency in this Romance language will get you far. Whether you want to work in business or in international relations, French is a sure-fire way to advance your career.


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