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The Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) is the ideal option to fit around your busy life. BVC is a live, online language class that allows you to learn at home or in the office, on your own personal schedule.

Learn a language anywhere

With Berlitz Virtual Classroom you’ll be taught by knowledgeable, online language tutors in real-time. It is personal, convenient, cost-effective and keeps you motivated with consistent reporting so that you can track your progress. Group sizes are small to allow for a tailored experience as well as increased engagement with group members. 

Top benefits of our online language classes:

  • Learn with a live instructor wherever you are
  • Get immediate feedback
  • Practice online with a group and your instructor at a more affordable cost
  • Track your progress in real-time

The Program Includes:

  • Small group class size (3 to 6 students), online learning environment – learn anywhere you have a stable internet connection
  • Pre-course orientation to the Berlitz Virtual Classroom® set-up, process and platform interface
  • Recorded sessions for further practice and review
  • Schedule: 4 weeks, 90-minute sessions, twice per week
  • Digital multi-component materials


For more information on the Berlitz Virtual Classroom, take a look at this brochure: 

Download the Berlitz Virtual Classroom Brochure

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