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We live in a world that is connected like never before. Being aware of cultural differences and speaking a different language can help you understand our changing world more successfully. Speak to the World offers several language and cultural programs to help you grow personally and professionally and connect with others across the world.

Although no approval is required, please make sure your manager is aware you are registering. There is no cost to you or your department for this benefit, but please be sure you can commit the time before enrolling. Learning a new language requires a large time commitment, and it should not interfere with your work responsibilities. Only Abbott employees* are eligible to register.

*Contractors, temporary/seasonal employees, and interns are not eligible to enroll. To confirm your employment status, please follow the below steps.
   1. Log into Workday
   2. Click photo in right hand corner to "View Profile"
   3. Click "Overview"
   4. Confirm it says Regular next to "Employee Type"

Upcoming Registration Dates

Session 1 2020

Berlitz Virtual Classroom group course

Registration now closed

Session 2 2020

Berlitz Virtual Classroom group course

Registration begins: 8/25
Registration closes: 9/8
Classes Start 9/28
Classes end week of 12/14

Introduction to the Programs

Online Self Study is a web-based software program for highly personalized language learning. This platform generates self-study e-lessons that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Through the use of a variety of training media including videos, audio clips, pronunciation practice, current news articles, and daily emails, our Online Self Study courses introduce language-learning content in a context that is meaningful to you and your lifestyle - which keeps your lessons relevant and fresh and motivates you to keep learning.

When you register for Online Self Study, you will also have the added benefit of eight one-on-one conversational coaching sessions with a live instructor (via telephone or video conferencing). You schedule the 30-minute lessons during the times that are most convenient to you.

  • Through Online Self Study, you have the ability to learn: English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Self-study programs can be taught in the following languages: : Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian & Traditional), Russian, Spanish, Turkish
  • Includes up to 8, 1:1 coaching sessions with native, certified speaker

Learning Resources for Online Self Study – A Beginners Guide

Online Self Study is innovative and user-friendly. The online platform offers you round-the-clock access to a teaching program which is tailored to your specific interests and preferred topics, featuring numerous interactive exercises, a speech trainer, a memorizer and a whole lot more. Berlitz’s e-learning platform also gives you concrete assistance with your everyday work and includes 8 conversation coaching classes over the phone or by Skype with a language teacher.

What You Will Learn:

Online learning offers you maximum flexibility and allows you to work on content according to your needs. Training courses focus on your specific goals and objectives supporting you with supportive tools and private lessons by phone/Skype to gain more confidence communicating actively in your daily work. Content is adapted to your starting level and selected from 218 professions and 20 industries.

Live Virtual Language Programs Delivered Through the Berlitz Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Language Classroom is a live, online language learning class that allows you to learn in the comfort of your home or office, while still getting the benefits of being part of a live class. You will be guided and motivated throughout your learning experience by knowledgeable instructors in real-time. Group sizes are small to allow for personalized attention as well as increased engagement with group members. You will participate in a pre-course orientation to the virtual classroom set-up, process, and platform interface and receive recorded sessions for further practice and review.

Abbott’s group language programs run for 22 class sessions. Classes will be scheduled twice per week and each class is a total of 90 minutes - for a total of 33 hours of instruction time per group.

Each group will have a maximum of 8 participants, allowing each participant to fully engage with the instructor and to practice newly learned language skills. Participants will be grouped by current level of proficiency in the language.

Technical Requirements

  • Desktop or laptop computer running Windows 7+ or a Mac
  • Sound Card
  • High-speed connection to the Internet
  • Computer USB headset with microphone (recommended)
  • Mobile devices can be used for group lessons, though a desktop or laptop computer is recommended for the best experience

Learn more about The Berlitz Method

The Cultural Navigator® Learning Portal is an online tool designed to help you embrace workplace diversity, collaborate more effectively, identify your preferences, and assess the impact that your preferences have on your work.

Go ahead, take the Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI®) assessment within the learning portal. Your answers to the questions within the assessment’s three dimensions – Interaction Style, Thinking Style, and Sense of Self – will create an illuminating report about your work style and cultural preferences that can be used to bridge cultural gaps in the workplace. The report is available in over 10 languages, and includes recommendations for further learning.

Not only will the report provide you with great insights to your preferences, but also it will help you understand how to adjust when working with colleagues from around the world. With the help of Country Guides, you will understand the cultural norms and customs for over 100 countries. Using the results of your COI® assessment, the portal identifies any potential cultural gaps that you may encounter while traveling or working abroad.

  • Personal cultural profile to compare your style to other countries
  • Over 100 country-specific information packs
  • Simulations to help analyze and compare business culture and practices worldwide

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