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Berlitz has partnered with Bright Horizons and EdAssist to provide language training to elevate your communication skills and give you a competitive professional edge.

About Berlitz

Who We Are

Berlitz is dedicated to improving people’s lives globally through language and culture. As a global leader in quality language, communication, and cultural training, we are committed to your success. Through our global network, the trusted Berlitz Method®, customizable instruction options, and experienced instructors, Berlitz consistently achieves our goal of producing successful and confident customers.

What we believe in
  • The most effective way of learning is learning from people and with people.
  • Intercultural competencies are key to successful communication in a global environment.
  • Immediate results and constant progress drive motivation and self-confidence.
  • Only by acquiring relevant skills can people become self-confident and unleash their full potential in life.
  • Our passion and commitment to client goal achievement engenders trust.

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Learn Anywhere & Everywhere

Choose a Berlitz program that fits your needs, goals and schedule. No matter your learning style or availability, you can learn the way that best suits you.

  • Classes In-Person

    Our dynamic, in-person classes allow you to learn in a more traditional classroom setting in either a private or small group format. Grow your skills alongside our expert instructors and fellow students.

  • Learn Online

    Love the idea of interacting with an instructor in-person, but need more flexibility in where you take lessons? The Berlitz Virtual Classroom® offers 100% live, instructor-led lessons from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Self-Study

    Our most flexible option, Self-study is an online toolkit with lessons and activities customized for your personal learning objectives. Exercises and tutorials are available 24/7, giving you the freedom to learn anywhere and anytime.

Available Programs

Available Programs

Choose from the following language program options:

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