Effective October 1st, 2011, teacher candidates applying for Spanish designated assignments with Denver Public Schools will be required to successfully complete a Spanish language proficiency exam facilitated by Berlitz Languages, Inc..

Cost and Reimbursement Process

The first attempt (speaking, reading and writing) costs $150.00. Once a candidate successfully passes the exam and is hired to perform in the capacity of an ELA-S designated assignment, examinees can submit a request for $150 in reimbursement via the ProComp system. To see more about Procomp, visit http://denverprocomp.dpsk12.org/.


About the Exam

Administered by Berlitz, the Spanish Language Proficiency (SLP) Exam for teachers consists of three components: speaking skills, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

Candidates new to Denver Public Schools or internal teachers who change assignments into ELA-S positions must pass all portions of the SLP Exam to be considered by the Department of Human Resources as Spanish-qualified applicants.

If an applicant fails any portion of the exam, he or she is allowed to retake that portion of the test only two more times within a school year. Applicants must wait 30 days between test administrations.

The exam is proctored virtually via the online virtual proctoring provider, Examity. A computer with a web-cam, and a head-set with a microphone that plugs into a USB port are required in order to successfully complete the exams.

Results and passing scores

The Berlitz Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) is an oral proficiency testing system designed to accurately measure the examinee’s oral communicative ability in a professional setting.

The SOPI consists of six situations where the examinee speaks to a native speaker of Spanish. In each situation, the examinee reads and listens to a description of the situation and sees on the computer a picture of the person or people to whom he or she will speak. The examinee is then given 15 to 40 seconds to plan his or her response, and 30 to 90 seconds to respond.

This 20 minute test of speaking skills is delivered via a computer-based platform. The Berlitz SOPI combines the efficiency and reliability of online administration with the validity of human scoring.

The passing score is a B2 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) Scale.

The Berlitz Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) is a 60 minute assessment of writing skills.

The Berlitz WPE consists of 3 prompts that were chosen based upon research as the most relevant and authentic in a general professional context. Examinees will be given access to a virtual keyboard for Spanish.

The passing score is a High B1 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) Scale.

The reading test consists of five paragraphs with 25 questions. Examinees are given 30 minutes to complete the reading comprehension portion.

The passing score is 18 correct answers minimum using a DPS 1-25 possible reading comprehension answer test.

Denver Public Schools and Examinees will receive results within 5 business days of the test date.