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Berlitz has the resources, expertise, and course options to elevate your language and communication skills, strengthen your cultural competency, and give you a competitive professional edge.

For nearly 140 years, Berlitz has established itself as a global leader in quality language, communication, and cultural training. Through its global scope, the trusted Berlitz Method®, customizable instruction options, and experienced instructors, Berlitz consistently achieves the goal of producing successful and satisfied customers.

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About Berlitz

In order to ensure program quality and to enable you to meet your goals effectively, Berlitz has developed the Berlitz Learning Cycle.

To start, we assess your needs and abilities in order to place you in the appropriate level. Your instruction will be adapted to suit your individual learning style. As you progress through your program, you will receive regular feedback and counseling. At the end of your course, a final level check and certificate of achievement will mark your accomplishment.

Berlitz Fastest Language Learning Cycle

ExxonMobil & Berlitz Proficiency Level Descriptions & Correlation


The most effective way to learn a new language is with frequent, intense, immersive blocks of instruction, rather than with instruction spread out over a long period of time.

Intense instruction enables you to reach your goals more quickly. You will forget less between lessons and spend more time on learning new material. You will not need to devote as much time to reviewing concepts you have already learned but may have forgotten over time.

Berlitz offers intense instruction not just because it is the best way to learn a new language, but because we value your time and want to ensure you achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Language & Communication Training Programs

Corporate Group Instruction is tailored to the needs of a group of co-workers or team members with similar proficiency levels. Lessons are led by a highly-trained Berlitz instructor either in a Berlitz Virtual Classroom 100% live, instructor-led through the internet.

BVC program team members meet in groups and the advantage of this option is that the group can be formed from multiple locations. Content is customized to field-specific terminology, business presentations, etc.

The available Berlitz Corporate Online Group Instruction program details:

  • Corporate Group Instruction: live, instructor-led through the internet (@45hrs, 2-8pax) available globally
    Actual investment for a 45-hour program, the typical number of hours expected to complete one level of proficiency when taken as a group

Module Outlines

The available modules include:

Private or Group| 6.75 hours (3 sessions of 2.25 hours)

Prepare for and deliver effective and powerful presentations to global audiences.

Learning objectives:

  • Visual communication techniques
  • Tone of voice
  • Body language
  • Dealing with difficult situations and disruptions
  • Handling Q&A sessions concisely and appropriately.

Private or Group | 2.25 hours (1 session of 2.25 hours)

Make your presentations even more compelling and successful.

Learning objectives:

  • Generating and maintaining audience attention
  • Compelling audiences to take action

Private or Group | 4.5 hours (2 sessions of 2.25 hours

Use communication skills to motivate and coach members of a team.

Learning objectives:

  • Assertive communication and active listening skills
  • Situational leadership theory
  • Giving appropriate feedback
  • Leading through persuasion

Private or Group | 6.75 hours (3 sessions of 2.25 hours)

Negotiate confidently, both within and outside your organization.

Learning objectives:

  • Preparing for a negotiation
  • Understanding and applying core negotiation theory tools.
  • Using appropriate structure and language
  • Handling conflict

Private or Group| 9 hours (4 sessions of 2.25 hours)

Use virtual communication to reach and collaborate with clients, counterparts, and colleagues around the world.

Learning objectives:

  • Successful teleconferencing elements
  • Effective participation in teleconferences
  • Facilitating a teleconference
  • E-mail writing (appropriate structure, tone, register, and word choice for both internal and external contacts)

Private or Group | 6.75 hours (3 sessions of 2.25 hours) | Prerequisite: Leadership Communication module

Connect with and relate to team members at all levels of an organization: subordinates, superiors, and peers.

Learning objectives:

  • Motivating and effecting change
  • Using diplomatic language to communicate effectively with superiors
  • Persuasion and influence
  • Active listening and emotional intelligence

Private or Group| 4.5 hours (2 sessions of 2.25 hours)

Understand the impact of culture in customer service situations.

Learning objectives:

  • Using the Cultural Orientations Model to understand the cultural differences encountered in a global workplace
  • Appropriate phrases, tone, and empathy
  • Managing complaints
  • Connecting with customers in a multicultural environment

Private or Group | 6.75 hours (3 sessions of 2.25 hours)

Prepare for the challenges that can arise when managing employees and teams, and learn the importance of communicating clearly in both positive and negative circumstances.

Learning objectives:

  • Leadership attributes
  • Motivating employees
  • SMART goals
  • Performance reviews
  • Managing conflict and handling difficult employees
  • Best practices when disciplining employees
  • Empathetic language

Private or Group | 4.5 hours (2 sessions of 2.25 hours)

Plan, communicate, and implement change, while managing resistance that may arise during the process.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding and communicating change
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Implementing change in an organization
  • Putting change theories into practice

Private or Group | 4.5 hours (2 sessions of 2.25 hours) | Prerequisites: Leadership Communication AND Management Communication modules

Take a closer look at the importance of strong leadership and leadership communication.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding and applying leadership theories
  • Characteristics of great leaders
  • Establishing a personal leadership brand

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