Welcome to the Berlitz language school in Ratingen

Berlitz Ratingen is located right downtown, making it easy to reach. The historic town center is only a few minutes’ walk away, and the Blauer See lake is also in the area. For more than a century, we have been helping people across the globe learn new languages. Thanks to these many years of experience, we have developed learning methods and resources that empower all our course participants to develop their own individual approach to language. Our international team at the Ratingen language center will be happy to advise you on which language course best suits your expectations and requirements so that you can reach your learning goals as quickly and effectively as possible. If you already have some experience with a language, before the course begins we can offer you a free placement test at our Berlitz Center.

These are some of the languages you can learn with Berlitz Ratingen:

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Why you should choose the Berlitz Center in Ratingen

  • Well-equipped: Berlitz Ratingen is wheelchair accessible and has a coffee machine, water dispenser, and computer.
  • Easy to reach: If you come by car, you can park in the Calor-Carree parking lot on Calor-Emag-Straße, which is less than a five-minute walk from the Ratingen Berlitz Center. If you use public transportation, the Freiligrathring bus stop is right next to the entrance of our language school.
  • Preparation courses: If you are planning to take the examination for the TOEIC, TOEFL, or LCCI language certificate, you will find the right prep course at the Ratingen language center. Please contact us if you require assistance in preparing for another language test, as we offer many additional prep courses as individual instruction.
  • Courses for kids: Berlitz Ratingen offers weekly language courses for kids and teens ages 8 years and older. We also have vacation courses for young people ages 10 and up.
  • State-subsidized courses: You can participate in individual instruction for English, German, French, and Spanish which is eligible for financial aid under the AVGS training voucher from the Federal Employment Agency. We also offer Live Online language courses in our Online Classroom which can be subsidized via education voucher as well as AVGS training voucher.

Your Berlitz Team in Ratingen

Inga Mensel

Center Manager

Your contact for all language courses, either directly in the Berlitz Ratingen Center or in the Online Classroom.

Tanya Ringer

Manager Corporate Services

Your contact for business trainings in Ratingen and vicinity.


How do I book a language course?

You are welcome to visit the Berlitz website to get a first impression of our language course offerings or sign up for a course directly. If you have any questions, simply fill in the contact form. We will be happy to advise you or provide you with information about additional courses that take place at the Ratingen Berlitz Center or online – with no obligation on your part.

How do I learn in the language course?

Instruction in the Ratingen Berlitz Center is based on our Berlitz Method, which focuses on active speaking so that you learn how to communicate with confidence in the new language from day one. This helps you overcome any shyness right at the beginning, and you learn to react appropriately in a variety of everyday situations and professional contexts.

What language is spoken in class?

Instruction takes place in the target language. This lets you learn the new language in a completely natural fashion, just as though you were in the country where it is spoken.

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