Compact Intensive Course in English, German, French, and Spanish.

This compact intensive course (8 weeks) provides participants with job-specific, real life and, above all, customized content. We take into account both the individual specialized requirements, as well as professional experience, learning pace and learning habits. With a private tuition learning program participants can fully realize their potential and significantly improve their chances on the job market.

Now also available as a virtual language training: Selected German and English courses are currently taking place in our virtual classroom with your personal live trainer.

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Target Group

Employed individuals seeking a new job and unemployed individuals with a foreign background who, due to specific and/or multiple barriers to successful job placement, require personalized, individual training.

This includes the following target groups, for example:

  • Participants who quickly need professional/industry-specific technical language skills, e.g. because they have been offered a specific position to be filled at short notice, the ability to participate in a vocational training program, or because they can switch to an international industry with better career prospects
  • Participants who, on account of their educational background, are not or are no longer sufficiently experienced in successfully learning as part of a larger group
  • Participants who need to be able to schedule lessons individually (e.g. because of childcare)


  • Level B1 language proficiency (participants have basic knowledge of the language used in social and business contexts and can conduct simple conversations in at least one tense)
  • Assessment test (written or online) and personal assessment interview
  • Individual needs assessment

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