Virtual Individual Instruction for English and German – learn flexibly from your own home!

This compact intensive course (3 weeks) with 6 units daily provides participants with job-specific, real life and, above all, customized content - live and compact with your personal live trainer in our virtual classroom. We take into account the participant’s individual specialized requirements, as well as professional experience, pace of learning and learning styles. In this individual training, participants can fully realize their potential and significantly improve their chances in the job market.

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Target Group

  • Participants who quickly require professional and/or industry-specific technical language skills e.g. because they have received a concrete offer for position to be filled at short notice, or a place in a vocational training program, or have the opportunity to move into an international industry with better career prospects
  • Participants who, on account of their educational background, learn more successfully in individual trainings
  • Participants who need to be able to schedule lessons individually (e.g. because of childcare)
  • Participants who would like to learn independent of location (e.g. because in a rural area)


  • A good basic knowledge of the target language (at least A2)
  • Assessment test (written or online) and personal assessment interview
  • Individual needs assessment

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