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These courses receive state funding - full-time or part-time intensive courses

Do you want to join in the conversation at your future workplace? Then good knowledge of a foreign language or German is your springboard to a new career.

Over 77 % of our participants begin new jobs after completing a language training.

The objective of the course is the active use of the language in work situations at different levels - conversing with colleagues and customers, enquiries, correspondence, negotiations and meetings. You will be thrilled by the rapid improvement in your language skills.

We would be happy to assist you in clarifying whether you are eligible for sponsorship (training voucher).


  • The Berlitz Method®: quick learning progress and high level of motivation, native-speaker instructors

  • Recognized by business - increases job prospects

  • High levels of satisfaction: 1.71 rating

  • Wide variety of professional topics

  • Professional/expert student counselling

  • Individual entry point thanks to modular structure

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