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LEVELTEL test preparation with Berlitz France

At Berlitz France, we tailor our programs to meet your individual needs and goals. Our expert instructors will walk you through the test format, essential communication skills, and industry-specific vocabulary. You'll be able to master the listening, speaking, and communication skills needed for your LEVELTEL certification.

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How to prepare for LEVELTEL

LEVELTEL preparation courses are taught in a one-on-one setting, where the intensity of the instruction can be personalized.

LEVELTEL is a language assessment tool that focuses on professional communication skills. The test is conducted entirely by phone, with a qualified assessor who simulates real-world professional scenarios.

It is an adaptive test: the conversation covers various topics relevant to the candidate's field of work. The assessor rates the candidate's listening, speaking, and interaction skills based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


What does the LEVELTEL test assess?

At the end of your assessment, you will receive a certificate sent by email with your CEFR level (A1 to C2) overall and detailed on 5 criteria:

About the test types

There are two kinds of LEVELTEL tests that differ by the level of identification security and by the number of skills assessed.

LEVELTEL Certifier is an assessment validated by France Compétences.



LEVELTEL Certifier

Available languages

English, German, Spanish, Italian and French/FLE (French as a Foreign Language)

English, German, Spanish, Italian and French/FLE (French as a Foreign Language)


It is up to the partner to validate the identification of the candidate

Validated by an identity document


30 minutes

90 minutes


Conversation via phone or via videocall on Teams

Conversation via videocall on Teams

Skills assessed

Oral comprehension

Continuous oral expression

Oral interaction

Oral comprehension

Continuous oral expression

Oral interaction

Written expression

Writing comprehension

Language levels

A1 to C2 on the CEFR grid (Berlitz levels 1-10)

A1 to C2 on the CEFR grid (Berlitz levels 1-10)


2 years

2 years

Benefits of preparing for your LEVELTEL certification with Berlitz France

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Get your LEVELTEL certification with Berlitz France

Register for the LEVELTEL test at any of our Berlitz centers across France. We provide a welcoming and comfortable environment where you can focus on achieving your desired score. Our friendly staff will guide you through the test process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free testing experience.

Registrations with France Compétences by certifier ECSPLICITE :

  • Certification LEVELTEL English (RS6265) - Expiry date: 17-02-2026
  • Certification LEVELTEL German (RS6429) - Expiry date: 15-11-2026
  • Certification LEVELTEL Spanish (RS6428) - Expiry date: 15-11-2026
  • Certification LEVELTEL Italian (RS6426) - Expiry date: 15-11-2026
  • Certification LEVELTEL FLE (RS6427) - Expiry date: 15-11-2026

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Frequently Asked Questions

To start preparing for your LEVELTEL test, you can take the following steps:

  • Assess your current language level at one of Berlitz's language centers in France.
  • Receive feedback on your results.
  • Establish what you need to study for a successful exam.
  • Prepare for LEVELTEL with private lessons that are tailored to your needs and preferences with Berlitz France.
  • Pass the LEVELTEL test in one of our language centers.

You can take LEVELTEL preparation classes in one of our Berlitz language centers across France. Our centers offer in-person and online classes both in a private setting.

You can prepare for LEVELTEL at:

  • Paris language center.
  • Bordeaux language center.
  • Grenoble language center.
  • Lille language center.
  • Language centers in Lyon.
  • Nantes language center.
  • Rouen language centers.
  • Strasbourg language center.
  • Marseille language center.

No, students can take part in our LEVELTEL preparation programs no matter their language level.

Before you decide on a test, we assess your language skills with a test at one of our language centers, to establish your current level. We provide you with feedback on your results and, if necessary, you can prepare specifically for the test with private lessons from Berlitz, online or at a center.

We believe that three months is sufficient time to prepare for the LEVELTEL exam. During this time, we can assess your strengths and weaknesses, develop a study plan for you, and assist you in practicing with LEVELTEL-style materials.

With Berlitz, you can take your LEVELTEL test in one of our language centers in France, or remotely from the comfort of your home.