At Berlitz Digital School, we are passionate about creating an environment where kids can continually grow and develop. With 92% of future jobs needing digital skills, we are on a mission to ensure that every child has an opportunity to develop programming skills.

Why Berlitz Digital School?

Berlitz Digital School courses help boost problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Essential skills they can use now and in their future careers.

Kids learn to code in a fun and inspiring environment, with a game-based course that they love. Students have a blast building apps, websites, and video games. They make real progress and gain valuable skills while having a great time.

Our classes are also an opportunity for young people to develop healthy relationships with technology, and to be safe and confident online explorers.


What will your child learn?


We teach kids the different logic tools that are behind every programming language – hands-on, visual, and fun.

Game and app development

Students build programming games, apps, and entire websites. The aim is for your child to actively and independently create something through hands-on projects – fostering creativity and motivation.

IT skills

Our classes help young people use new media confidently and competently.


Course details

Available online or in-person at a Berlitz center

Small groups of 8 to 12 students

Qualified Berlitz IT instructors

Students receive a Certificate of Completion

Our course covers:


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