One of the most romantic languages, Italian is a major language in Europe and is spoken as a native language by more than 59 million people. When learning Italian, understanding the cultural implications of the language can be just as important as understanding the language itself. With our Berlitz Italian courses, you will learn these cultural aspects of using the language. These cultural lessons will allow you to use your Italian skills confidently with native speakers in business or social situations.

Our Italian classes incorporate the Berlitz Method into every lesson. The Berlitz Method, which is based on immersive language learning, has been proven to be the fastest, most efficient way to learn Italian. Using this method, you will only speak Italian during your classes, which will be conducted by a Berlitz-certified instructor.

These techniques are employed in every Berlitz Italian class. You will have the option to choose from both group and private Italian classes based on your schedule, budget and preferences, but you will enjoy the same language learning methods regardless of the program you choose.

Find the perfect Italian course for you

Online Italian lessons

Our online Italian courses offer you the opportunity to decide where and when you want to learn. Regardless of whether you want to learn completely independently or with the support of one of our language instructors: You can decide for yourself which learning method suits you best.

In-person Italian lessons

These Italian language courses are offered face-to-face with a native level instructor at our language school in Hong Kong.

How to learn Italian

Step 1.

Find out about the different Italian programs we offer.

Step 2.

Contact us! Together we will find out at what level you currently speak Italian (if relevant) and which program best suits your requirements.

Step 3.

Register for your chosen Italian program and talk to your instructor about your language goals.

Step 4.

Practice regularly, especially speaking.

Step 5.

Receive constant feedback so that you can continuously improve.

We have Italian lessons available to suit all levels and ages

Italian for Beginners:

This language course is for anyone who wants to study Italian from scratch.

Italian for intermediate to advanced learners:

This language course is for everyone who already has knowledge of Italian and wants to deepen their understanding.

Italian for kids and teens:

This language course is suitable for all children aged 4 - 17.

Italian for companies:

This language course is ideal for you if you want to study Italian as a company or for select employees or executives.