Progress the way that suits you best

Our private courses give you the possibility to have a schedule of your own choosing, which you can insert comfortably into your busy life. During private lessons, we strive for flexibility – after defining your language goals, our consultant will tailor your course so every aspect of your training will meet your needs. In case you are not able to show up in person, the classes can be easily transformed into online lessons. This flexibility guarantees the continuity of your learning.

The advantages of moving at your own pace

Individual courses at Berlitz offer you a great deal of freedom. You can decide when to learn, what to learn, and how to learn it.

These programs are designed for those who need unique solutions, like to have their language course their way, and want a high ratio of speaking time in order to practice the target language as actively as possible.

Courses of individual pace include

  • 40 language lessons per level.
  • The undivided attention of your native-fluent instructor.
  • Customized schedule: you determine the intensity of your course and your schedule together with your consultant.
  • Content topics & skills are designed to suit your specific needs, type of job, or destination.
  • From beginner to upper levels.
  • Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Hungarian.

For further information please sign up for a consultation.


Contact us and book an appointment for a consultation during which one of our colleagues will assess your language skills and will design a course for your needs. This meeting is free of charge and carries no further obligation.

We are looking forward to meeting you!