A powerful combination: e-learning and online live lessons

Take your online learning to the next level with Berlitz Blended Language Learning. Berlitz lets you mix and match CyberTeachers, our self-study platform, with live phone/Skype language lessons with a Berlitz instructor. The course content is perfectly coordinated, and quick and lasting success is guaranteed with our language solutions.

Benefits of blended language learning:

  • Combination of individual language instruction and independent study
  • Complementary course content and methods
  • Number of online sessions and live lessons can be customized
  • Available in German, English, Spanish and French
  • Different blended learning packages available, to suit your needs

Phygital Learning Solutions: augmented face to face courses with our e-learning platform

With Phygital Learning Solutions, you will have a captivating learning experience! It is an innovative approach to blended training combining in-person and e-learning. Our course integrates digital before, during and after the in-person course. Our face-to-face course is enriched by fun and educational activities shared on mobile and 3D screens. The result is a fluid, immersive and augmented learning, for you to maximize engagement and retention

Benefits of Phygital Learning Solutions:

  • Method adapted to all courses combining face-to-face and e-learning
  • Homogeneous pedagogy throughout the blended learning course
  • Face-to-face enhanced by interactive activities on mobile and connected screen
  • Qualified and seasoned English-speaking trainers in new technologies
  • Experiential learning centered on the practice of English
  • Continuous monitoring and continuous assessment of progress