What is the STAP-budget?

The STAP-budget is a government subsidy of 1000 euro max. that can be requested and used once per year for a training or education of one’s own choice. STAP stands for Stimulering van de ArbeidsmarktPositie (Stimulation of Labour market Position), and is offered to residents by the Dutch Central Government. You can therefore use the STAP-budget for a training or education which will improve your position on the labour market.

With Berlitz you can use a STAP-budget to follow a language course of your own choice. Below, you will find the Berlitz course offering for the STAP-budget.

Which language courses does Berlitz offer for STAP?

Live Online courses

What is Berlitz Live Online?

Berlitz Live online courses are online language courses. During lessons, you will meet your instructor via video in a live, online learning environment.

Live online individual

English; German; Spanish and French.

English, German, Spanish and French: Berlitz levels 5 to 10 (CEF B1 to C2)

To be sure your starting level is sufficient at B1 level, your starting level should be around A2.2. Test your level here.

  • Available for: English, German, Spanish and French.
  • Flexible planning
  • Incl. course material and registration

Face to face courses

Face to face courses

Private lessons with your Berlitz instructor, customized to your agenda, wishes, needs and professional field.

Spanish; English; German; French

  • Spanish, English, German and French: At all Berlitz (5 to 10) levels (CEF B1 to C1)

And the sentence under sentence above will be: To be sure your starting level is sufficient at B1 level, your starting level should be around A2.2. Test your level here.

The lessons will take place at one of our 4 Language Centres in The Netherlands:



Weerdestein 205
1083 GN Amsterdam

Den Haag (The Hague)

Koninginnegracht 60,
2514 AE Den Haag


Sint Pieterskade 26,
6212 AD Maastricht


Vasteland 38C, 3011 BM Rotterdam

  • Available for: Spanish; English; German; French
  • Individual lesson planning
  • Incl. course material and registration


To qualify for a STAP-budget you must have the following prerequisites:

  • You may apply for a personal STAP-budget maximally once per year
  • You must be between 18 and AOW (state pension) age.
  • You must have NL or EU nationality – NB: If only your partner has NL or EU nationality, you may still qualify.
  • You must be registered for Dutch social insurance (volksverzekerd) – This means you must have lived, worked, or received social security benefits in The Netherlands for at least a 6- month period, during the last 27 months

1. Choose a course above. Please note! You can only participate from B1.1 level onwards.

2. Make a pre-registration by sending an e-mail to stap@berlitz.nl with the following information:

  • Name of the chosen course, for example ‘Face to Face English - SMART’
  • The chosen language
  • Your personal information:
    • E-mail address and phone number
    • Complete name
    • Address, postal code, city
    • Date of birth

You will receive a STAP-aanmeldingsbewijs from Berlitz.

If the application period is already open, you can register directly on the dedicated STAP portal: UWV_STAP - Voorportaal (stapuwv.nl)

3. Apply for a STAP-budget on the STAP portal: UWV_STAP - Voorportaal (stapuwv.nl). You will need to following for your application:

  • Your DigID
  • Your STAP-aanmeldingsbewijs

NB! In case an additional payment is required, Berlitz will only send you the invoice after your STAP-application has been approved!

4. If your STAP-application is approved, Berlitz will contact you and you can start learning!

    For more information about the STAP-budget, please visit the dedicated government website:

    STAP-budget voor scholing en ontwikkeling | Leven Lang Ontwikkelen | Rijksoverheid.nl or visit the STAP-portal itself: UWV_STAP - Voorportaal (stapuwv.nl)

    For questions about Berlitz, or one of the Berlitz courses for the STAP-budget, please email us: STAP@berlitz.nl.

    For general question about the STAP-budget, the conditions or the application procedure, please visit: UWV_STAP - Veelgestelde vragen (stapuwv.nl). or call the UWV on this number: 088-898 22 02

    Why is the Berlitz method so effective? Learn more about the Berlitz Method and teaching principles or watch this video: The Berlitz Method.


    If you have any questions, please get in touch with stap@berlitz.nl