Prepare for your English exam with Berlitz

At Berlitz, we provide customised courses to help you prepare for the IELTS, TOEFL, BEC and CAE exams. All of our English exam preparation courses are private, not in a group with 10-20 other students.

Courses are available in blocks of 40 lessons or 60 lessons, so you can choose the option that is best for your own personal situation and level. Your private course can start on any day at any time, you decide. Berlitz is the solution that provides you with maximum flexibility.

Our English exam preparation courses are ideal for:

  • People who need to prepare for the IELTS exam for their work visa application.
  • Employees who want to improve their communication skills and receive a recognised certification.
  • University students who need a high score for post-graduate study or specialised courses such as medicine, nursing or teaching.
  • Anyone who fails to achieve the score they need – you require customised training just for you.

Benefits of preparing for your English exam with Berlitz:

  • Private teacher to focus on your specific needs.
  • Fast skills improvement.
  • Personalised content to improve your performance.
  • Choose your own flexible schedule.
  • Maximised participation to practice all the skills you need.
  • Specialised instructors to share their secret tips to answer difficult questions.
  • Prepare for any of the major English exams around the world (IELTS, TOEFL, BEC and CAE exams).