Discover our language and creative writing programs, specially designed to allow kids to develop their communication skills in a fun way. Our kids and teens programs are designed to get participants actively involved from the outset – through exciting role-playing activities, language games, varied exercises, and age-appropriate topics.

Berlitz offers the widest range of creative writing workshops and language classes for kids. We deliver our lessons in small groups (3 to 6 students per class), which provides the advantage of a shared learning experience with other students of a similar skill level. We also provide private one-on-one sessions for students who seek more focused and targeted instruction.

Our kids and teens language classes and workshops offer:

  • Age-appropriate instruction for students.
  • Student-centred, highly interactive teaching method that encourages participation.
  • Accommodation of different learning styles using multisensory materials and a variety of classroom activities.
  • Building student confidence using activities that help children learn through positive reinforcement, turning knowledge into understanding.
  • Encouraging cooperative learning by making the study of language a social activity.
  • Engaging programmes that motivate students and make them want to learn.

The Berlitz Method

First introduced in 1878, the Berlitz Method is an intuitive, conversational style of learning, designed to build confidence from the very beginning. It is designed to equip kids and teens for practical communication in real-world situations. Over the years, the Berlitz Method has evolved in line with the latest research and technology. However, it has remained faithful to its time- tested, core approaches, which are based around five key principles:

  1. Exclusive use of the target language
  2. Speaking and listening, supported by reading and writing
  3. Grammar as a means of communication
  4. Maximum learner participation
  5. Goal-oriented, lively instruction based on the learners’ needs and interests

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