ABC Phonics class for kids

Discover our innovative phonics class for kids. We have integrated the Berlitz Method and a multi-sensory synthetic phonics approach that motivates children to read and write with confidence from an early age. Students will learn to understand the rules of various consonants and vowels sounds, all while slowly developing correct pronunciation and reading skills. As students develop the ability to read, they will also learn to develop their English writing skills.

Characteristics of our English phonics course:

  • The course incorporates the Berlitz Method to help build the child’s confidence and enhance his or her interest in learning, creativity and knowledge.
  • We focus on developing reading and writing skills using word recognition, letter formation, blending, segmenting and tricky words.
  • The program accommodates various learning styles using multi-sensory materials and a variety of classroom activities.
  • Classroom activities are lively and interactive with fun actions, stories, songs and role-playing exercises.
  • Classes are delivered in small groups to ensure that every child has more one-on-one engagement time with their teacher.
  • The course is taught by professional, trained teachers

Program details

The Phonics

Led by native English speakers, students are fully immersed in an authentic English-speaking environment to ensure that they develop basic reading skills in an accurate and natural manner, from the very first lesson.

ABC Phonics class for kids overview

Suitable for:Early beginners of English aged 3 or over. The program is available in small groups or private classes.


  • Course material to be purchased separately

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