Why learn Japanese online with Berlitz

If you have a busy schedule and want to get the most out of your time, an online Japanese class is perfect for you. Forget about having to travel to the language centre. Explore the range of online courses we offer and choose the one that best fits your learning style.

With Berlitz we offer different learning formats that can fit perfectly into your everyday life. Our language instructors are all native-level speakers, so in addition to grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension, you will also be immersed in the Japanese culture as they share their knowledge on cultural considerations and colloquial terms.

Advantages of learning Japanese online with Berlitz

Possibility to switch between online and face-to-face classes
At Berlitz, you have the opportunity to take classes both in-person and online, according to your availability.

10 levels of proficiency
With Berlitz, you can take a proficiency test and a quick language assessment to find out which level suits your needs. There are 10 levels tabulated according to ability.

Fast and efficient learning
You will quickly advance, understanding in an agile and practical way as you progress through the program levels.

Gain cultural understanding
You will not only learn Japanese, but you will also learn about its culture. This provides you with the cultural understanding required to communicate with confidence.


Berlitz offers 10 proficiency levels grouped into Basic, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels. Fill in the form below so one of our advisors can get in touch and help you select an online course to get started.

The only difference is the maximised flexibility offered by online programs. Both modalities will cover the same content and offer you fast and effective results.

Everyone can opt for online instruction. However, an online course is best suited for those with tight schedules and those that need more flexibility.