Why learn Mandarin online with Berlitz

Berlitz is one of the world's leading providers of language training and intercultural services. We have perfected our Mandarin courses so that everyone can access the course that best suits their lifestyle and learning goals.

All of our language instructors are native-level speakers and the classes focus on verbal communication so that you can learn the language in the context of real-life situations.

Our online Mandarin lessons are designed so that you not only learn vocabulary and grammar but also accents, colloquialisms and idiomatic expressions so that you end up speaking Mandarin as authentically as possible.

Advantages of learning Mandarin online with Berlitz

Possibility to switch between online and face-to-face classes
At Berlitz, you have the opportunity to take classes both in-person and online, according to your availability.

10 levels of proficiency
With Berlitz, you can take a proficiency test and a quick language assessment to find out which level suits your needs. There are 10 levels tabulated according to ability.

Fast and efficient learning
You will quickly advance, understanding in an agile and practical way as you progress through the program levels.

Gain cultural understanding
You will not only learn Mandarin, but you will also learn about its culture. This provides you with the cultural understanding required to communicate with confidence.


Explore our range of courses and choose the one that best suits your needs. Then fill out the below contact form and one of our advisors will be in touch to help you get started.

All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. You decide when and where you want to learn Mandarin.

You will always have access to an instructor to solve any questions you have. We provide the support you need to help you achieve your language goals.