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Open groups are subject to daylight saving time*. The group will follow daylight savings time of the time zone it was booked in (JST, CET, EST). Salespeople are responsible for informing students about daylight savings change.

The cut-off time to enroll a student into an open group is 3 business days.

A student can be enrolled into an open group two weeks after the group started if there are seats available.

A seat cannot be cancelled 3 days prior to the start of the open group.

In case the group has only one or two enrolled students 2 days before the start date, the start of the group will be moved by two weeks. Student(s) will be informed by email (salesperson in CC) by BLO about the change of start date.

Salespeople are responsible for ordering third party materials and issuing certificates (based on the reports in SF).

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