10% off select Private and Semi-Private Courses

Get an exclusive limited time offer for the month of August from Berlitz

We are offering a 10% discount for the following courses:

  • Private Face-to-Face Instruction
  • Private Live Online Instruction
  • Semi-Private Face-to-Face Instruction
  • Semi-Private Live Online Instruction

To take advantage of this offer, call 1-855-898-4092. This discount is only available through August 20, 2019.

Private vs. Semi- Private

Choose the course that fits your needs.


Private Instruction

Private language lessons are best if you:

  • Prefer personalized instruction
  • Like to learn at your own pace—you decide how fast or slow to take this course


Semi-Private Instruction

Semi-Private language lessons are best if you:

  • Want private instruction at a reduced cost
  • Have a friend, partner or colleague also looking for language instruction
  • Prefer the motivation of learning with a partner

Face-to-Face vs. Live Online Instruction

Choose the course that fits your needs.



Face-to Face small group lessons are best if you:

  • Prefer a social learning environment
  • Need a fixed schedule in order to plan ahead
  • Are interested in a cost-effective strategy


Live Online Instruction

Live Instruction lessons are best if you:

  • Prefer to learn at your own pace
  • Need flexibility to learn at different times
  • Want to learn with a live instructor online

To redeem your 10% discount on select Private and Semi-Private courses, call us today.


Offer ends August 20, 2019!