Are you trying to learn English online? If so, you’re opening the door to being able to communicate with 1.5 billion people. You'll be able to speak to a lot of people, and your career will have a major boost as a result of your language practice. Here are some of the key career advantages to learning English:

Bi-Lingual Employees are in High Demand

    Speaking one language is great, but as the business world becomes more interconnected, more employers are putting employees who speak English higher up on their potential hires list. If you can speak more than one language, you’re an asset to a company.

    If you speak English, you’ll be able to:

    • Work together in teams with greater ease
    • Communicate with international offices or suppliers
    • Gain leverage when getting hired
    • Have greater cultural awareness

    As businesses continue to grow into international entities with offices and suppliers in multiple countries or remote teams that speak multiple languages, speaking English can be a major benefit for your career in ABA therapy.

    Employers Will Pay You More

      Learning English can mean a higher salary, too. Statistically, in 2014, being fluent in a second language led to a 10% to 15% increase in pay. But knowing English in the following countries is more beneficial:

      • France
      • Germany
      • Spain

      Depending on your field, you may be able to demand a significant pay raise.

      Career Growth Opportunities

        Would you like to move to a company’s international office or travel overseas to represent your company? A lot of people opt to learn English online because it opens up career growth opportunities that weren’t available otherwise.

        As you move up in the company, speaking English may help you:

        • Secure promotions
        • Move into manager or supervisor positions
        • Work abroad for your employer
        • Work to find new business opportunities for your employer

        Growth is easier for an employee when they have a unique skill that can help their employer bring in additional revenue. Speaking English, or a second language in general, with proficiency, can lead to massive growth opportunities in your field.

        Appeal to a Global Workforce

          Do you have dreams of moving to a new country and starting life over? A lot of people do, but their lack of being able to assimilate holds them back. The language you speak, English in this case, helps you appeal to global companies.

          Since you have a firm grasp of the language, you’ll be able to mix into international companies, offering your ability to speak your native language as a major perk.

          If you want to appeal to global companies, learning a language and being able to blend into the work culture seamlessly is a great start.

          You'll be able to build relationships with more coworkers, have fun when traveling and be able to confidently visit English speaking countries.

          English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the business world, and the rapid expansion of a connected world makes learning this language even more beneficial. With countless resources to help you learn English online, it’s a skill that can mean the difference between landing a job and being looked over.