If you are looking to study abroad and have received a conditional admission letter from a university based on your English proficiency level, our accelerated language classes in Seoul are specially designed to help you get a head start on meeting your course requirements right from home.

The Berlitz Domestic ELS Short-Term Accelerated English program is designed to maximise student learning in a 3 week period of 40 hours per week, per level.

Domestic ELS courses include:

Intermediate classes 104

(18 week course)

Advanced classes 107

(9 week course)

After completing your accelerated course, you will then go on to study at an ELS Center in the United States, attending regular (non-intensive classes) ELS EAP Levels 110-112 (4 weeks per level).

Upon completion, students will receive the ELS EAP certificate, meaning that they now meet the English language proficiency requirements of the university they wish to attend.

ELS Accelerated English Program and benefits:

  • This intensive program runs for 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, and can dramatically improve the English proficiency of students.
  • Save money on living expenses by taking intensive classes in Seoul.
  • In addition to individual study plans, a professional integrated language curriculum is followed.
  • By organizing a small number of elite classes (up to 8 advanced classes and up to 6 intermediate classes) along with private instruction, students can receive intensive management from instructors.
  • Students quickly develop the skills necessary for successful academic success in the classrooms of local American universities.
  • This program is divided into 104 (intermediate) or 107 (advanced) levels according to the results of the ELS level formation test.