Whether you need English for your studies or career, the flexible schedule of the ELS program offers the ideal option for learning English abroad.

ELS (a subsidiary of Berlitz) has provided successful English education to more than 10 million international students in 175 countries over the past 50 years. It is also the largest language center for international students who apply for college, university, and graduate programs in the US and Canada.

ELS English study abroad course and benefits:

  • ELS language courses are ideal for both young adults and professionals
  • These courses are offered in many locations both on university campuses and in our language centers
  • We offer students a variety of options from English language programs, university support services, business courses, vacation study courses and more
  • ELS provides a lot of help to learn English easily, quickly and in a fun way with innovative teaching methods accumulated over 140 years of experience
  • ELS offers a proven teaching method and qualified instructors
  • ELS offers university preparation programs in the US as well as exam preparation courses such as iBT TOEFL, GMAT and GRE
  • There is also an executive program for corporate professionals and a program for those who want in-depth language learning and cultural experiences using vacation time

ELS Conditional University Admissions Program - Study English in the USA or Canada

For a study abroad program in the United States and Canada, international students must provide proof of English proficiency in order to obtain a university admission letter. That’s where ELS comes in, our English programs meet the level of English proficiency required for admission to over 650 North American universities.

  • Students who complete Level 109 of the Advanced Level of the ELS University Academic English Program meet the English proficiency requirements of the Community College (2 years).
  • Students who complete level 112 meet the English language requirements of some four-year institutions and graduate schools.

We help you achieve your personal learning goals through various test preparation programs and customized services related to college entrance.

When applying for university entrance, it is possible to use your ELS program certificate instead of undertaking a separate English certification course such as the TOEFL test.