If your organization wants to develop its employees into high-potential global leaders and maximize their capability to work in a culturally diverse environment, our international business consulting program can help coach them in the practical skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Run by our team of world-class business coaches, the global business skills development program aims to build your employees capacity to become global business partners. Our course is designed to help you fully prepare for the unique challenges you will face while working with international customers.

We train your employees to develop a global mindset and to navigate today's ultra-competitive international business market. Providing them with the tools and knowledge they need in order to successfully guide your company into the future, building high-value business relationships and a return on investment.

Highly skilled instructors with a wealth of experience

All of our instructors are selected based on their high-level of teaching ability, diverse experience and expertise in their field. All instructors have over ten years of practical experience in global business.

    Global business skills training and coaching solutions

    Course examples include:

    • Customized global business competency development training/coaching program
    • Cross-cultural development evaluation service
    • International negotiation skills
    • International business presentation skills
    • Business communication and strategic communication
    • Winning sales skills
    • International business etiquette and protocol
    • Multicultural/virtual team collaboration technology
    • Decision making and problem solving skills
    • Conflict management