Berlitz offers a suite of leadership development training solutions which equip global leaders with the skills they need for success. We provide your organization with the necessary balance of communication, intercultural agility and leadership skills to achieve objectives in a complex global environment.

We understand that speaking the language and having the cultural understanding is not enough to succeed in today’s world. Skills around contextual communication, managing diversity, inclusion, and leadership are essential to thrive. Our customized leadership training programs are designed to help you navigate new international markets and lead a successful global team.

Highly skilled instructors with a wealth of experience

All of our instructors are selected based on their high-level of teaching ability, diverse experience and expertise in their field. All instructors have over ten years of practical experience in global business.

Executive Leadership development and coaching solutions

Course examples:

  • Customized Global Leadership Development Program - private or group classes
  • Global leadership assessment
  • Rental relations and contracts for government agencies
  • IR and venture capital management for overseas investors
  • Strategic communication: the skills of business diplomacy
  • Strategic B2B sales and sales force development
  • Organization operations
  • Management of cross-cultural leadership
  • Corporate storytelling
  • Securing, nurturing and retaining global talent
  • Media interview skills 
  • Business meeting presentation skills 

Leadership coaching on conflict resolution and change management

Consulting services include the following programs:

  • Global workforce development: consulting for organizations related to international mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing/consignment, joint ventures and sales
  • Global talent training
  • Global human resources, distribution and policy consulting
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Overseas government contracts and regulations
  • Global sales force development
  • Corporate income business base and coordination
  • Market analysis