This blended language learning solution combines individual telephone or online instruction with our e-Learning program CyberTeachers. The course content is completely individualized and provides all the tools your employees need to achieve their specific language goals. Learners study online at their own pace from any location and can access their course from multiple devices according to their needs and preferences. What’s more, they benefit from the personal attention of a private trainer who keeps them motivated and focused.

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Berlitz lets you mix and match CyberTeachers with the Berlitz Virtual Classroom, live phone/Skype lessons, and in-person lessons with a Berlitz language instructor. The course content is perfectly coordinated, and quick and lasting success is guaranteed with our blended language learning solutions. The learning material is fully customized to each individual’s needs, profile and job-related topics. This ensures your employees’ motivation stays at the highest level and that they improve fluency quickly and effectively.

Benefits of blended language learning with Berlitz

  • Live lessons with a private teacher available from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited access to our award-winning e-Learning program – CyberTeachers
  • Seamless content delivery on all the course devices (phone, online and mobile)
  • Total flexibility and courses available 24/7

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