Our in-person language training for companies is ideal for companies that need to train their teams, and all our lessons are catered to your company’s specific needs.

Whether you require English training for an executive being relocated or an employee who is part of a remote team, we have you covered. Additionally, your employees will develop the cultural understanding required to work efficiently as part of a multicultural team or with clients around the world.

Choose from multiple formats of in-person language training for companies

Private language lessons

Group language lessons

Intensive language lessons

Our private language lessons for businesses are tailored specifically for professionals in the workplace. The course is designed to be flexible to fit your schedule.

Learning in small groups can foster confidence in language learning. We offer group language classes with 2 to 6 students for businesses.

With our intensive language courses, professionals can master a new language needed for business quickly and confidently and improve their skills significantly within a week.

Discover our in-person business language courses

Our face-to-face language courses for business are available in multiple languages.

Benefits of in-person language training for companies with Berlitz France

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer face-to-face language courses for Business English, Business French, professional training for German, Spanish, and Italian, but also other language upon request.

At Berlitz France, we offer in-person business language classes:

  1. At one of our language centers in France:
  2. In other locations and cities where we don’t have a physical language center.
  3. On the company's premises.
  4. For more flexibility, you can choose online business language courses or blended training, where you can mix our online self-paced lessons with private phone lessons or video calls.

Yes, we structure our in-person business language lessons based on the needs of your company and employees, including the most sought-after business skills and useful terminologies.

In our corporate language courses, we place great emphasis on covering all language skills necessary in the business world. With us, your business language training covers:

  • Conducting professional conversations with customers
  • Socializing in business situations
  • Confidence on the phone and in using appropriate expressions
  • Business correspondence
  • Preparing, participating in, and facilitating meetings
  • Holding speeches
  • Preparing and giving presentations
  • Understanding documents in a foreign language
  • Business terminology and idiomatic expressions
  • Presenting reports and project results
  • Project management
  • Leading and managing teams
  • Communicating in a multicultural environment

Both managers and employees can attend our business courses. Our classes are flexible and suitable for employees at any level within your company.