Location of our language school in Lille

How to get to Berlitz Lille

Our center is ideally located near the Cité Scientifique in Lille in a green park. You can find the Decathlon Arena, V2 shopping center and the Lesquin cultural center nearby.

You can easily access our language center by different modes of transportation:

  1. Metro: line 1 yellow - 4 cantons stop
  2. Car: Freeway E42 Brussel - 4 cantons exit

About the Lille language center

Located in the heart of Europe, Lille is strategically positioned for easy access to Northern Europe: less than 2 hours by TGV from Brussels, Amsterdam and London. Lille is a cosmopolitan metropolis, offering an environment that fosters intercultural exchange and understanding!

At our Berlitz Center, you'll benefit from both high-quality language instruction (available in 46 languages) and intercultural coaching. Whether you want to prepare for expatriation, understand cultural nuances and/or perfect your language skills, our programs are designed to meet everyone's needs. Between your classes, you can also enjoy a delicious BBQ on the terrace of our language center.

The Lille language center is Qualiopi-certified

All of our language classes in Lille are eligible for CPF and other funding options.

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What does our language center in Lille offer?

Language testing with Berlitz Lille


Preparation course



Bright is a standardized test widely accepted by universities and institutions around the world for those looking to study or work in English-speaking countries.


The CLOE test evaluates your language skills in a professional context and is valued by employers seeking candidates with strong communication skills.


Through role-playing exercises with a native speaker, the LILATE videoconference language test evaluates your communication skills in real-world business scenarios.


The Linguaskill test is a fast and convenient online English proficiency exam. It assesses all four language skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.



TOEIC is a standardized test designed to measure the English skills of people working in an international environment.


LEVELTEL is a certification that assesses the ability to interact in a second language in professional and para-professional contexts. It defines the level of performance in the 5 skills based on the CEFR grid: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, continuous writing expression, speaking expression, and oral interaction.


The TOEFL test, accepted by over 11,000 universities worldwide, measures the English proficiency of non-native speakers specifically for academic purposes.



The standardized IELTS test, evaluating your English proficiency, is a gateway to many universities and workplaces in English-speaking countries.



The Cambridge tests assess your English language proficiency at various levels, catering to general or academic purposes.


Why learn with Berlitz Lille?

What our students think of their language courses

Based on 158 students who completed the final satisfaction survey between November 2022 and March 2024.

Information about our language training courses


None. The duration of the program is customized according to the starting level, project and objectives.


After an assessment and a complementary interview, we will propose a suitable learning plan.


Adapted and variable according to objectives. 30 hours of training (individual face-to-face) are required to acquire one Berlitz skill level.

Terms and conditions:

As soon as we receive the agreement to cover the costs, we can schedule the first lesson within 72 hours.


Available on request.

Accessibility for the disabled:

We study how to adapt our services for people with disabilities. Our center is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Number of tests taken in 2023:

  • LILATE: 6


Improve or refresh your skills for professional or personal needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Young learners can learn languages with Berlitz Lille's classes for teens. We offer in-person language courses for teenagers as well as online lessons for young learners, both in a private or group setting.

Yes. With Berlitz's online classes, you have the flexibility to learn your target language from wherever you are.

Our language center in Lille offers a variety of business courses, helping you achieve your professional goals. With us, you can attend:

  • Business English courses so you can tap into new markets and improve efficiency across your communication channels.
  • Business French courses where you can learn all the language and communication skills needed for professionals in a French-speaking environment.
  • Business language courses in other languages to help you communicate in any professional environment.
  • Business seminars including business communication training, intercultural workshops and cross-cultural training for expatriates.

If you want to learn languages face-to-face, you can take in-person classes at our language school in Lille. If you are looking for greater flexibility, you can also explore our online classes.

You can decide which language course suits you the best based on your goals and preferences. Berlitz Lille offers language lessons for all ages and learning styles:

  • In-person group lessons allow students to express themselves through natural conversations with each other and progress together.
  • Face-to-face private classes are a preferred choice for students who are looking for the undivided attention of their instructor to improve their skills.
  • Online group courses are best for people who prefer learning in a social environment and want to cut time on commuting.
  • Online private classes are a good choice if you want a personalized learning journey in an online setting.
  • Online self-study is perfect for individual learners who want to focus on their specific language goals and proceed at their own speed.
  • Intensive language courses are the best fit for those who want to improve their skills at an even faster pace.
  • With business language courses, corporate employees can master the business language of their field.
  • Language courses for kids and teens make learning a new language fun and effective, keeping young learners engaged.

If you want to learn languages in Lille, you can take classes with Berlitz. Our Lille language center, located on rue Louis de Broglie, offers a broad range of options for anyone looking to improve their language skills. We also offer language classes in Arras and Dunkerque upon request.

If you want to improve your speaking skills, it's important to use your target language in your everyday life. There are various ways to practice your speaking skills in Lille:

  • Learn the names of everyday objects around you and try to use them as often as you can.
  • Listen to songs in your target language and follow the pronunciation.
  • When meeting with a friend, talk to them in your chosen language. This exercise will help both of you improve your speaking skills.
  • Sign up for language lessons in Lille with Berlitz. Our native-fluent instructors will talk to you in your target language exclusively, helping you become fluent and confident when using your new language in a conversation.

If you want to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible, Berlitz offers intensive language classes in Lille for you. In a few easy steps, we can help set you on the path of success, so you can obtain the knowledge you need rapidly.

  • Decide whether you prefer in-person classes or online courses.
  • Contact Berlitz Lille.
  • Attend from 30 hours to 45 hours a week.
  • Have real-life conversations with our native-fluent instructors, and get fluent quickly.