Our offers for Works Councils

Speaking a foreign language today is essential for your child’s future success. That is why Berlitz provides special Works Council offers dedicated to the children of your employees.

Advantages of Work Councils for children :

  • Proximity network throughout France
  • Internships during the year and during school holidays from 4 years old
  • English and sports campus from 8 years old
  • Tailored partnerships

For more information on our offers for CE, contact the Berlitz kids and teens department at ucpa-camps@berlitz-hdf.fr

Our partners

Berlitz has various partnerships to develop fun, interactive and innovative programs to meet the expectations of children and their parents.


Berlitz and UCPA have been cooperating since 2008 and offer programs focused both on learning the English language and practicing sports. The experience and expertise of the two partners show that learning a foreign language in a fun and participatory environment is highly beneficial for children.

The quality of UCPA colonies is based on specifically qualified dual supervision and a real educational project. At UCPA, young people live a collective experience that promotes cooperation and the participation of all at key moments of the day. UCPA offers 45 sports and artistic, cultural or linguistic activities.

Energy Kids Academy

For over 30 years, Energy Kids Academy has been a tennis, golf and football club exclusively for children and adolescents. Specializing in sports education from the age of 3, the club offers packages during the school year and internships during all holidays.

Berlitz and Energy Kids Academy have joined forces to combine their expertise in language teaching and sport to develop an "English & Sports" program.


  • Recognized method
  • Transport service
  • Innovative sports facilities near Paris

Bois-Robert International

Bois Robert International's watchword: Educate mind, body and spirit!

Bois Robert International is a permanent mixed college and high school reference boarding facility founded in 1968.

It is located near Angers, 1.5 hours from Paris, in a setting favorable to studies and outdoor activities, far from urban demands.

The supervision is family-friendly and the small numbers allow personalized monitoring of each student.

Les Boisrobertins operates in an international atmosphere since the school welcomes foreign students in its FLE section and supports French students towards international courses.

National Geographic Learning

Berlitz and National Geographic Learning have teamed up to develop personalized programs for children and adolescents: Global Adventure and Time Zones.

Building on content from National Geographic Learning, Berlitz courses allow dynamic teaching with an international outlook.

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