Learn Dutch with Berlitz. We combine language learning and cultural training for the most comprehensive learning experience. Based on the Berlitz method, we provide immersive training that places students in real-life situations and conversations. This is the most effective way to learn a language, as you'll become more comfortable conversing in Dutch the way it is spoken by native speakers. Courses are lead by a Dutch native-fluent speaking instructor.

Online Dutch classes

With Berlitz, you have the opportunity to learn Dutch online. Our online language courses work the same way as our in-person classes, except in a digital environment. Face to face with an instructor, alone or in small groups, this enables you to focus strongly on communication.

Our Dutch lessons online are completely flexible and customizable to your schedule. If you work more efficiently at your own pace, online lessons might be suitable for you. You'll have access to our student portal where you can easily keep track of class schedules, access course material and monitor your progress.

Why learn Dutch?

Dutch is an incredibly captivating language that is spoken in six nations around the world, with over 25 million native Dutch speakers globally. If you want to live, work or travel to a Dutch speaking country, learning the language can have numerous benefits and give you incredible insight into the Dutch culture and way of life. It is also a great introduction to Flemish and Afrikaans, which are very similar languages.