The Spanish classes offered by Berlitz incorporate all of our proven language learning tactics into the curriculum. This includes the Berlitz Method, which focuses on immersive language learning that is based on applicable language skills. Our Spanish classes are designed to help you feel comfortable speaking, writing and listening to Spanish in real-world settings.

Berlitz Spanish courses are offered in a variety of different settings, ranging from group classes to private, one-on-one lessons.

Online Spanish classes

Berlitz offers live online Spanish classes. Our instructor-led online language classes feature all of the benefits of our in-person learning, incorporate the Berlitz Method and allow you the flexibility to fit learning in around your schedule. You will be able to schedule your own online Spanish courses based on the class schedule and when you are available.

With Berlitz, our online Spanish courses are not self-taught. An instructor will lead the lessons and provide support as you go through the exercises. Along with live instruction, you will also have access to the course material at all times within the online portal, giving you the ability to continue your lessons on your own time.

In-person Spanish classes

Berlitz offers in-person Spanish classes at our several center locations. Our face-to-face lessons include learning with a native-fluent instructor who teaches using the Berlitz Method to encourage natural conversation skills, getting you speaking in your chosen language from day one. Find out if there is a Berlitz language center location near you to explore in-person class options.

Why learn Spanish?

An estimated 460 million people speak Spanish, making it the second most spoken language on the planet behind Chinese. It is the official language of 20 countries, which span three continents (Europe, North America and South America). These stats highlight the global nature of Spanish, making it the perfect language to learn. When you learn Spanish, you will truly have the ability to communicate with millions of people from across the planet.