A significant language for both travel and business, learning Korean can unlock a host of opportunities. The Korean language has many cultural aspects that ensure your message is conveyed correctly. With Berlitz's Korean lessons, you will learn these cultural elements together with the fundamentals of the Korean language, giving you confidence in using the language with native speakers.

When you learn Korean with Berlitz, you will begin using the language immediately based on the Berlitz Method. Our method is based on immersive language learning, meaning you'll speak Korean with a Berlitz-certified native-fluent instructor throughout your Korean classes. The Berlitz Method is the fastest, most effective way to learn a language.

Berlitz offers face-to-face Korean courses in many schools in France. Find a Berlitz school near you and discover the course options!

We have Korean lessons for everyone

Our courses are available for everyone who wants to learn Korean irrespective of their age, goals or learning style.

Language courses for kids and teens

Language courses for adults

Language courses for businesses

Target group

teens between 12 and 17 years old, available upon request

all adults

business professionals, available upon request


for all levels

for all levels

for all levels

Class size

  • private courses
  • private courses
  • private courses
  • courses for teams

Class format

  • in-person courses
  • online courses
  • holiday courses
  • in-person courses
  • online Korean courses
  • intensive courses
  • phone/video call courses
  • language test preparation courses
  • language study abroad
  • business language training in person and online
  • language test preparation courses

Skills you can acquire

  • Communicate in another language spontaneously and naturally with confidence and fluency.
  • Use complex linguistic structures.
  • Talk during discussions, providing detailed and precise answers.
  • Speak about your interests and hobbies and your future academic plans.
  • Build strong Korean skills with a focus on proper grammar usage and a wide range of vocabulary.
  • Have smooth, spontaneous conversations and use Korean with confidence.
  • Develop your fluency, including proper pronunciation, intonation, and sentence structure.
  • Engage in in-depth discussions about current events, your interests, or professional topics.
  • Expand your business vocabulary and learn the idioms and expressions commonly used in different business fields.
  • Gain the confidence and fluency to participate in meetings, deliver presentations, and negotiate deals with colleagues from around the world.
  • Learn how to write clear, concise, and professional emails, reports, and other business documents.
  • Negotiate contracts, deals, and prices.


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    Korean lessons available for all levels

    Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your existing skills, Berlitz has the perfect Korean courses for you. We offer a comprehensive range of programs designed to meet your individual needs and learning goals.

    Beginner Korean courses

    Intermediate Korean courses

    Advanced and professional Korean courses


    Our beginner courses equip you with the fundamental building blocks of Korean. You'll focus on pronunciation, basic grammar structures, and essential vocabulary for everyday situations.

    With our intermediate classes, you'll build upon your existing knowledge to engage in more complex conversations on a wider range of familiar topics and develop practical speaking and listening skills.

    In our advanced and professional courses, you will master advanced grammar structures and significantly expand your vocabulary. You'll gain the confidence to speak Korean confidently in a variety of personal, academic, or professional settings.


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    How you’ll learn with our Korean lessons

    Step 1

    Simply book your classes through your online student portal or directly at the learning center.

    Step 2

    At the beginning of your Korean lessons, your instructor will outline the goals for the session, so you know exactly what you’re aiming at.

    Step 3

    You will learn with our proven Berlitz Method. This means your instructor will deliver your classes in your target language to equip you with real-life conversational skills.

    Step 4

    Every Korean lesson follows the present, practice, and perform structure. Your instructor first presents new learning content, after which you will learn Korean through guided and general practice, ending the lesson with a performance of what you have learned.

    Benefits of taking Korean classes with Berlitz France

    Why learn Korean?

    Spoken by an estimated 77 million people, Korean is a popular language in East Asia. Korean is the official language of both North and South Korea, but the language is also popular in areas of China, Japan and Russia. With major corporations and a variety of tourist attractions, learning Korean can open up professional and social opportunities.

    Find out more

    Fill in the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your learning options and answer any questions you may have.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can decide which Korean course suits you the best based on your goals and preferences. Berlitz France offers Korean lessons for all ages and learning styles:

    • Face-to-face private classes are a preferred choice for students who are looking for the undivided attention of their instructor to improve their skills.
    • Online group courses are best for people who want to learn Korean online in a social environment and want to cut time on commuting.
    • Online private classes are a good choice if you want to take Korean lessons online in a private setting.
    • Intensive courses are the best fit for those who want to improve their skills at an even faster pace.
    • With business language courses, corporate employees can master the business language of their field. The course is available upon request.
    • Language courses for kids and teens offer young learners a combination of fun and effective learning. The course is available upon request.

    At Berlitz France, we offer Korean language learning:

    1. In person at one of our language centers in France:
    2. Contact us for courses in other cities where we don't have a physical language center.
    3. For more flexibility, you can choose online language classes as well.

    Before you start learning Korean with Berlitz France, one of our instructors will conduct an oral evaluation with you to ensure we provide you with the most suitable course. After completing the oral test, our expert team will recommend a course that is adapted to your level. We offer beginner Korean courses as well as classes for intermediate and advanced students.

    If you want to learn to speak Korean, it is important to speak the language actively. Your progress can be supported with a number of learning techniques that help you improve your skills naturally:

    • watching TV shows
    • listening to music
    • reading books in Korean

    You can also enroll for language learning with Berlitz France:

    1. Choose whether you want to learn in a group or take a private language course.
    2. Contact us to determine your current language level with a language test.
    3. Sign up for a course of your preference.
    4. Study with a native-fluent instructor and start speaking Korean from your very first class.
    5. Receive feedback and progress reports from your teacher.
    6. Reach your language learning goals quickly and effectively.

    Our experienced native-fluent instructors will always give you feedback after the classes to help you improve your language skills and reach fluency in Korean.

    You can learn Korean fast by taking an intensive Korean course with Berlitz.

    To see results quickly:

    • Join Berlitz's Korean immersion program.
    • Choose the intensity of your classes and how many hours you want to spend on studying.
    • Focus on actively speaking Korean with your instructors.
    • Practice Korean during lunch with your instructor in an informal setting.
    • Have real-life conversations.
    • Personalize your lessons to your needs.
    • Improve your language skills by 1 Berlitz level in a matter of a week.

    You can learn to speak Korean by practicing your language skills in various conversations. You will do so with our Korean courses, where we use the Berlitz Method. Our renowned teaching method focuses on actively speaking Korean and practicing real-life situations. You will practice spoken Korean during your lessons, irrespective of the class format.

    With our Korean course, you will:

    • Understand and use relevant language in different social situations.
    • Improve your communication skills by actively speaking Korean.
    • Learn to navigate in both familiar and new environments.
    • Develop your confidence in using Korean in everyday conversations.