Kids making marshmallow around a bonfire in a summer camp with Berlitz

Summer language camps for kids and teens

Berlitz hosts summer language camps for kids from 8 to 15 in several locations in France. Each language camp provides a unique experience for children to not only learn a new language but to also interact with other students through various fun group activities while at the same time discovering new cultures.

Open the door to opportunity

Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunity for kids. Your child will be able to better understand other cultures and stimulate their curiosity for travel and new experiences.

In our summer camps for teens and younger kids, your child will improve communication skills in their new language while acquiring a broader cultural understanding. Our teams are here to offer them a whole new world of opportunities.

What makes the Berlitz summer language camps different?

Mixing language learning with fun group activities is key to the success of our English language camp.

Kids holding each other's shoulder and laughing together in a Berlitz summer camp

Our unique emphasis on oral communication gets them talking straight away. During our sessions, we focus on authentic pronunciation and group participation. We stimulate interaction between the kids and the instructors.

Kids looking at a map together in a summer camp with Berlitz and talking to each other in a foreign language

Each lesson is a fully immersive experience where participants and instructors use only the target language.

Kids during a language camp learning a new language with an instructor and giving each other a high-five above the table

For effective learning, maximum engagement and rapid results, kids are grouped in classes of 8 to 12 people according to age and skill level.

Girl holding a certificate that she got in Berlitz's summer camp and hugging her friend

We also believe in celebrating achievements at Berlitz, so all our summer language camps deliver a Certificate at the end of the program.

Summer language programs in France

Far from a typical classroom setting, your child has the chance to truly learn and thrive. Our English camps are situated in some of the France's most beautiful countryside locations. This allows your kids to enjoy a variety of fun activities such as horse riding, tennis, football, sailing, skiing, golf and many more besides. This fun and comfortable learning environment will help your child to gain confidence and make new friends.

Benefits of our summer language camps:

Here are some of the many benefits of joining our international language summer camp to learn English:

How kids learn in our holiday camps

Instruction: Having fun while learning

Children will participate in daily 3-hour group sessions. In keeping with the Berlitz Method, all our instructors offer a dynamic learning experience which encourages maximum group participation through games, role-plays as well as creative and sports activities.

Outcome: Double learning success

The aim of our camps is to gift kids with added self-confidence and the taste for learning new languages and cultures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Berlitz offers summer language camps for children all over France.

All of our summer camps offer language instruction for kids in the morning or in the afternoon depending on the sport activities schedule. They can also practice their skills in live conversations, various activities and interactive exercises throughout the day.

Our camps welcome kids of all ages between 8 and 15.

Our summer language camps are about a week long. A typical day includes of half day language classes switching between cultural or sports activities according to the programme. All Berlitz campuses in France are organized and certified by our respective partners to the Ministry in charge of Youth and Sports.

The groups are created based on the children's level and age. The lessons will be fuelled by a wide range of games, songs, sketches, warm-up activities, etc. The instructors use specific programmes developped by Berlitz in collaboration with UCPA. The children will leave the camp with their exercise books and certificates at the end of the week.

Students aged 11-15 will follow a programme specifically developed for this age. The lessons are enriched with activities such as video creation, role-playing games, etc. Our summer camps for kids and teens feature conversations about current events and personal cultural experiences. The children will leave the camp with their exercise books and certificates at the end of the week.