Why get started with our English lessons for beginners

Around 400 million people worldwide speak English, making it the most influential language in the world. Businesses are becoming increasingly international, requiring English language skills from their employees. Learning the language not only makes it easier to travel but also to understand international content on the internet as well as movies, television shows, and pop music in their original versions.

The easiest way to learn English is with the Berlitz Method. Our conversational teaching style helps you acquire vocabulary and grammar skills in the context of real-life situations and focuses on learning through speaking. Our English courses for beginners are designed to develop the foundations that will help you develop fluency and confidence, which are crucial to achieving full command of the language. Upon completion of the basic English levels, you will have developed the fundamental skills to communicate and hold a conversation in everyday-life situations.

What will you learn in our basic English courses for beginners?

Our English lessons for beginners consist of four proficiency levels. After completing each of these levels, you will be able to do the following:

Berlitz Level 1

CEFR Level A 1

  • Meet new people, introduce yourself, and say where you are from
  • Order and offer food and talk about your favorite dishes
  • Describe your work and the basic activities you do
  • Make an appointment, ask questions, and give the time
  • Give and ask for directions
  • Make purchases, ask about prices, and compare products
  • Make calls, receive and leave simple messages
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Berlitz Level 1
Berlitz Level 2
Berlitz Level 3
Berlitz Level 4

We have English lessons for beginners at all ages

Our basic English learning for beginners program allows everyone to fully immerse themselves in the language and interact with peers at the same language level. Our language instructors create a positive environment so our students can develop and improve their skills comfortably.

Further English language levels

Intermediate English Courses

Advanced and professional English Courses


  • Hold conversations in both social and professional situations.
  • Talk about familiar topics in contextualized settings.
  • Master your English skills and have smooth, spontaneous conversations.
  • Use proper grammar and tone in every situation and benefit from a wide range of vocabulary.


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English test preparation courses and English language certifications

We offer preparation courses for multiple internationally recognized tests. Many official language tests can also be taken directly on-site at one of our language centers in France.


Preparation course



Bright is a standardized test widely accepted by universities and institutions around the world for those looking to study or work in English-speaking countries.


The CLOE test evaluates your language skills in a professional context and is valued by employers seeking candidates with strong communication skills.


Through role-playing exercises with a native speaker, the LILATE videoconference language test evaluates your communication skills in real-world business scenarios.


The Linguaskill test is a fast and convenient online English proficiency exam. It assesses all four language skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.


TOEIC is a standardized test designed to measure the English skills of people working in an international environment.


LEVELTEL is a certification that assesses the ability to interact in a second language in professional and para-professional contexts. It defines the level of performance in the 5 skills based on the CEFR grid: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, continuous writing expression, speaking expression, and oral interaction.


The TOEFL test, accepted by over 11,000 universities worldwide, measures the English proficiency of non-native speakers specifically for academic purposes.



The standardized IELTS test, evaluating your English proficiency, is a gateway to many universities and workplaces in English-speaking countries.



The Cambridge tests assess your English language proficiency at various levels, catering to general or academic purposes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have English knowledge, we will conduct a language test before starting your language course. After the needs analysis, we will talk with you about your learning goals so that we can find the right English course for you.

That depends on which course you choose. All course participants of beginners' English learning can see significant learning success after just a few weeks and advance at least one Berlitz level per course. If you choose one of the intensive English courses, you can improve your language level even faster.

For those who travel a lot and are looking for a flexible solution, our online English courses are the perfect choice. You can start learning English from scratch no matter where you are, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

You can take in-person beginner English language courses in France at various locations:

  1. At one of our language centers in France:
  2. Contact us for courses in other cities where we don't have a physical language center.
  3. For more flexibility, you can choose online English language classes as well, or learn with our online self-study courses.

If you want to learn to speak English, it is important to speak the language actively. Your progress can be supported with a number of learning techniques that help you improve your skills naturally:

  • watching TV shows
  • listening to music
  • reading books in English

You can also enroll in language learning with Berlitz France:

  1. Choose whether you want to learn in a group or take a private English language course.
  2. Contact us to determine your current language level with a language test. You can also complete our online placement test to get an estimate of your level.
  3. Sign up for a course of your preference.
  4. Study with a native-fluent instructor and start speaking English from your very first class.
  5. Receive feedback and progress reports from your teacher.
  6. Reach your language learning goals quickly and effectively.

Our English lessons for beginners consist of 4 language levels, where the number of lessons varies from 30 to 40, depending on if you wish to attend private or group classes.