We live in a digital world and technology is the universal language. At Berlitz Digital School we empower our students with important technical skills while fostering their creativity and confidence to help them reach their individual potential.

Skills for life!

Coding, programming, digital literacy, software, hardware, and digital design—all kids can learn digital skills. At Berlitz we take digital education a step further, we empower our students to think flexibly, creatively, and critically. We help them to develop confidence and problem-solving skills, to work independently, and in a team. Building these soft skills alongside strong technical skills gives our students a head-start in school, the workforce, and in life.

Dynamic learning

We bring learning to life. Every Digital School lesson is immersive and dynamic, with hands-on learning to stimulate and engage your child, and make learning fun, relevant and immediate.

Developmentally appropriate

We offer programs for children and teens aged 7 to 18 years. Classes are grouped based on age and development, so learning is always age appropriate and matched to your individual child’s development.

In-demand skills

Our programs are based on the latest digital learning and development, so your child learns the most relevant skills in coding, programming, digital literacy, software, hardware, and digital design.

Flexible programs

No matter your child’s learning style or situation, we can build a customised program to meet their needs. Learn online or in person, from an instructor.

Supportive environment

Our instructors are all digital experts. They also all have extensive experience working with children and teens and are passionate about empowering kids with digital skills to help shape the future.