Expand your child’s world with the Korean language. From Pyongyang to Seoul to Busan, Korea is brimming with history, culture and opportunity. Your child will gain practical language skills as well as an appreciation of the nuances of Korean culture.

We offer four Korean for kids and teens programs, based around the age of participants, and tailored to their developmental stages with age-appropriate lessons, activities and materials.

A boost for the brain

Research has found that children who learn a second language may be more creative, better at problem solving, faster learners, and find it easier to connect with different cultures.

Children also find it much easier than adults to learn a second (or third) language because the language center of their brain is still in development.

Our Korean for kids and teens program includes:

  • Learning based on our proven Berlitz Method
  • Highly trained instructors, specialized in working with kids and teens
  • Interaction and communication skills development
  • Age appropriate activities and materials
  • Group and private classes

Learn Korean for kids and teens

Discover – for children aged four – seven years
Discover is an in-person language program. Through fun and engaging exercises and games your child will build a strong understanding of the Korean language.

Explore – for kids aged eight to 11 years
Explore is available online and in-person. Throughout the course, your child will explore the Korean language and culture, building a valuable skill and expanding their understanding of the world.

Achieve – for teens aged 12 – 15 years
Achieve is available online and in-person. This course will take your teens on a deeper dive into the Korean language and will give them solid, useful and real-world language skills.

Lead – for teens aged 16+
Lead available online and in-person. Using the Korean language, the program will develop your teenagers’ leadership skills and cultural awareness, making them an attractive higher learning and job candidate.