5 keys to having a success mindset when learning English



We all have the ability to learn a new language regardless of age, gender, level of education, personal or cultural characteristics. The most important thing is to want to do it, and a determining factor in achieving it is our thoughts.

Here are 5 steps for you to have a successful mindset when learning English.

Key #1:

Start by making a determined promise to yourself: "I can learn English, and I will do it. I commit to myself, and I will not give up until I achieve it." What you tell yourself is important and deserves respect, so do it and repeat it whenever you need to.

Key #2:

Define a truly important purpose for yourself, why you want to learn English, and write it in a place where you can see it, along with an inspiring image that reminds you of that dream so that you have the motivation you need every day.

Key #3:

Once your great purpose is established, commit yourself truly to everything to achieve it and set small goals every day to get closer to it. Ask yourself, "What do I have to do today to achieve my purpose of learning English?" Your answer could be: dedicate 30 minutes to constant study, practice or learn something new from the language, and of course, attend your English classes with Berlitz without fail.

Key #4:

Recognize every step you take and congratulate yourself for it. No one but you knows what each achievement means to you and the effort it has required on your part to carry out each action to get closer to your goal. According to Maslow, an American psychologist known for his theory of human motivation, recognition is one of the basic human needs to strengthen our self-esteem. Self-recognition, confidence, and respect are fundamental parts of your success.

Key #5:

Giving up is never an option; successful people never do it. They transform and optimize obstacles into opportunities, so be stronger than your excuses and truly go for what you want to achieve with perseverance and constancy.

At the end, you will feel very proud of yourself for having achieved it. This will give you unshakable confidence, and you will know that you can count on yourself and that you are capable of fulfilling everything you set out to do so that you can pursue your next dream.

Important, these goals are non-negotiable, which means you will have to fulfill them without fail because your success in learning English depends on them. So, complete them every day, and this will feed confidence in yourself to achieve it.

If you really want to learn English with a success mindset, commit now and learn English with Berlitz.

We are sure you can do it; Berlitz accompanies you. Learn more at www.berlitz.com."