Why you should invest in a language


Mel Abram

When it comes to investing in anything – from a new kitchen appliance to your education – we know cost and value are key considerations.

Before you commit, let us run you through some of the reasons why investing in learning a language could be the best decision you’ve ever made. You are not just investing in learning a language, you are investing in yourself.

1. Advance your career

When you learn a new language, you open your world to increased career opportunities. As globalization grows, more and more companies are interested in hiring people that can speak another language fluently.

If your current role already includes speaking to colleagues or customers in other countries, learning their language can help you better communicate with them, create rapport and even negotiate contracts. Understanding a foreign language can also increase your chances of finding a new role, going overseas with your current company or even getting a promotion! Even in small to medium businesses, the ability to speak a different language can help set you apart.

2. Boost your brain

Studying a foreign language can not only improve your career but can also boost your brain performance. Learning a new language can improve your memory, cognitive abilities, make multitasking easier to manage, can increase your attention span and help you concentrate.

It can also reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline, as it keeps cognitive mechanisms sharp and active. It’s like exercising a muscle, it improves and gets better the more you use it. Research proves that it can even help prevent or delay Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The more languages you know, the better for you!

3. Unforgettable experiences

Travelling the world, meeting new people, embracing and understanding different cultures is all the more enjoyable when you learn a foreign language. Dropping in lingo and phrases can improve your experience with locals and can even allow you to make lifelong friends.

It can help you notice things about a culture or even gain a better understanding of culture, as you learn the finer details of a language and how it applies to people. Messages and nuances can also get lost in translation due to cultural differences in communication – you may find that a joke in Japanese doesn’t translate quite as well in English. To get the full experience, you need to know the language.

This all sounds great, but why should I choose Berlitz?

Here’s just a few ways Berlitz makes your language learning investment worthwhile:

  • When you learn with the Berlitz Method, your language skills will be more effective and can be put to use more quickly. Find out why the Berlitz Method really works.
  • More than just language training, you’ll get the cultural understanding you need to use your new language skills effectively and make real connections with the people you talk to.
  • We offer a range of flexible, affordable online learning options, with resources that are tried and tested.
  • You’ll get all the support you need to reach your goals

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and take your language skills to the next level, take a look at course options, to see what works for you.