Empower professional success through language

Today’s workforce is more culturally diverse than ever, and many organizations are realizing the benefits of offering business language courses and implementing cross-cultural communication training programs for their employees.

Whether your company wants to expand globally, reach new markets, or improve communication between dispersed global teams, we can help by developing professional language training to suit your budget and objectives.

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Scalable and customizable options for your business needs

We know that every business has unique needs, so we offer scalable and customizable options that allow all of your employees to have access to our services, regardless of the size of your company.

We maximize the return on your investment with quick deployment options, so your employees can start learning a new language immediately. We also monitor each one's performance and engagement to ensure they attend classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Berlitz Israel we help corporations and their employees to:

  • Assess their language skills

We have experience working with famous corporations worldwide to help them grow their employees’ language skills and to bring intercultural awareness to the workplace. We offer a wide range of professional services (language courses, seminars, language assessment) that you can mix and match to build language programs that really fit your needs.

With our language courses, your employees will study to improve their language level. The main areas of focus will include, among other things, grammar, vocabulary, reading & listening comprehension, and oral expression.

On the other hand, our business seminars aim to develop business skills in English, such as email writing or meeting presentations.

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