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Creating a comprehensive corporate language training program enables employees to be more productive and effective. Berlitz language and cultural training is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. Whether you need one-on-one online language instruction for executives or group courses offered on campus, we have packages and schedules that work for you and your company.

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Each training option can be customized to meet your specific business objectives to maximize the impact of language for your needs.

With an instructor Self-Paced Study Blended Learning
Overview Our classic language courses for companies. A learning platform where students can learn on their own, when they want, where they want A combination of our language learning platform with live online coaching sessions
Format Private or group programs Private program Private program + private or group coaching sessions
Location On-site, at our center or online Online Online
Languages 30+ languages English, French, German, Spanish English, French, German, Spanish
Intensive courses Suitable (only private courses) Not suitable Not suitable
Length Multiple course lengths available 6-month or 1-year subscription 6-month or 1-year subscription
Schedule Lessons scheduled around personal schedules. Intensive courses available. Access to the platform 24/7 Access to the platform 24/7 - 1:1 coaching sessions scheduled around personal schedules
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Benefits for the companies to trust Berlitz Israel for language learning

Why does language matter for business?

As companies expand globally, the risk of miscommunication increases dramatically. Teams now work across time zones and continents, allowing companies to retain the best talent from around the world to drive performance. While this enables business growth, it also presents an obstacle to ensuring that communication remains open and efficient. With a corporate language training program, you can ensure that all employees feel empowered to achieve their goals by gaining language skills that give them the confidence to express themselves and complete projects efficiently.

Berlitz has extensive experience and expertise in providing real-world language and cultural fluency to business professionals around the world. We can train your teams to speak and write at the language level appropriate to their business role and help them understand and embrace other cultural teams they are likely to work with to increase productivity. Our immersion classes, in-person language training, and online tools offer flexibility to fit busy schedules and budgets.

We are people-centered and business focused

Through our wide variety of language learning programs, we can work with you to train one employee or your entire organization. Corporate language training can be delivered face-to-face or online, always with live, instructor-led classes for maximum learner participation. Our enthusiastic, fluent instructors will ensure that your employees learn the language as it is spoken in the real world.


Corporate language training is a type of language instruction that is designed specifically for businesses. It focuses on teaching employees the language skills they need to succeed in their jobs, and it often integrates elements from the workplace environment into the curriculum.

Berlitz Israel offers a variety of corporate language training options, which can be chosen separately or combined. Corporate language training can help businesses improve employee communication, increase productivity, and expand into new markets.

Offering language courses to your employees can help you retain them and develop a pool of new talent who could become your future leaders. Bilingual employees are also more productive from an operational standpoint as they can communicate with customers and colleagues from different cultures, which can lead to better understanding and collaboration.

Discover more about important outcomes companies can expect from corporate language training programs

The benefits of corporate language learning are numerous. For example, it allows your employees to work internationally. This can be done by relocating them to a foreign country or working with clients or partners from other countries.

Also, bilingual or multilingual employees can advance their careers more easily. This is because they are more marketable to employers and can command higher salaries.

Your employees will also learn new skills useful for their professional careers. Research suggests that mastering another language can help with conflict management and cross-cultural communication. This is because it allows people to understand different perspectives and communicate more effectively with people from different cultures.

The best professional language course will depend on several factors, such as the target languages, the number of learners, or your budget.

At Berlitz Israel, our general rule of thumb is:

  • If you want customized and intense language lessons, then we recommend you to choose a private course, either in-person or online
  • If you want to train several employees together so you can also build cohesion and create social interactions, our group courses are your best options
  • If you want to train a large number of people without bothering to adapt to everybody’s schedule, our self-learning options such as Berlitz Flex are your safest pick. Berlitz Flex also integrates live coaching sessions with an instructor.

If you wish to mix and match different learning programs, it’s also possible: call us or contact us via the form.

We offer language courses in any language of your choice, except for our solutions including our self-learning platform, which are available only in English, French, German and Spanish at the moment.

Yes, at the end of our language courses for professionals, your employees will receive a signed certificate containing the following information:

Our pricing depends on several factors, such as the target language, the number of employees, the length of the course, or the course type.

We recommend you contact us so we can assess your needs accurately and give you a proper estimate.

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