Learn in a group of two and keep down costs

Semi-private group instruction is the ideal solution if you want to learn quickly and keep down costs. You learn in a pair, thus benefiting from a very private learning atmosphere - almost like individual classes. Immersing yourself in the new language in groups of 2 trainees allows you to learn new vocabulary and grammar through speech and improve your understanding of a new culture. It’s particularly suitable for employees of the same company, couples or friends.


  • Both the participants have the full personal attention of the teacher
  • Use of the Berlitz Method to help you absorb your new language
  • Optimal, cost-efficient mix of private and group instruction
  • Additional motivation thanks to the learning partner
  • Course materials focusing on the objectives of the small group

All the attention, half the cost

If you come with a partner, friend or colleague, you can decide for yourselves between an intensive compact program with daily lessons or a regular course with 1 or 2 lessons per week. Not only is it fun and motivating to have a learning partner, but you both save money by sharing the costs.