The faster way to learn a language

Developed in collaboration with the McGill University Department of Psychology in Montreal, Total Immersion is the quickest and most effective way to master a new language. The Berlitz Method is renowned for its immersion teaching technique, and our Total Immersion course takes that principle to the next level. It consists of one-on-one instruction with a Berlitz trainer in 12 daily lessons. A qualified native-fluent speaker trainer helps you face any inhibitions you may have, keeping you speaking at least 50% of the time. If you are looking for intensive language solutions, then the Total Immersion course is your best choice.


  • Attendants will be speaking, listening and thinking in the new language all day long
  • Courses tailored to your company’s objectives and to your employee's job profile
  • Effective learning experience for all language levels
  • Compact option with 12 lessons per day (60 lessons/ week)
  • Maximized participation with at least 50% of learners’ speaking time
  • Quick and targeted mastery of language challenges
  • Out-of-classroom learning for practice in social contexts (business lunches)

Tailored to your professional needs

The Total Immersion course helps you and your employees achieve your linguistic objectives in record time. In one week course you are guaranteed the accomplishment of your learning goals with course content customized to suit your specific needs. The Total Immersion course is ideal for learners who need to improve their level of proficiency and gain a solid foundation in a new language quickly.

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