Get fluent fast with our private language lessons from Berlitz Venezuela

Immerse yourself in your chosen language under the expert guidance of a Berlitz instructor and get fluent fast!

Focused entirely on you and your development, our private language tutoring program is held at one of our language centers from Venezuela and tailored to meet your needs.

In as little as two weeks, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the language, as well as the nuances of culture and accent, so that you can converse easily in any social or business situation.

Why choose Berlitz in-person private language lessons?

Immerse yourself

  • Each lesson will be delivered completely in your new language. This approach simulates the experience of being abroad and conversing with a native speaker, speeding up your learning and helping you reach your goals quickly.
  • Learning in-person under the watchful eye of your private language tutor means that you get instant targeted feedback on your form to help you achieve flawless fluency.
  • Our friendly Berlitz-qualified private language instructors come from all over the world, so you will learn nuances, accents, and culture alongside the language.
  • Focused entirely on you and your development, our private in-person language classes are tailored to your goals and will keep you motivated on your journey to fluency.

Get real-world conversation skills, fast

  • Practical skills from day one. Our Berlitz Method ensures you’ll be speaking your new language from your very first private language lesson.
  • No wasted time. You will be speaking in-language, through activities including role-plays, quizzes, and conversations for 50% to 80% of your lesson, depending on the level.
  • Skip the unnecessary. Lesson content is tailored to your specific needs, so you won’t spend time learning things you don’t need.
  • Stay motivated. Your learning plan caters to your interests to make learning enjoyable and keep you motivated.

You’re in full control

  • Fit learning around your life. You’re busy, we get that. With private in-person language lessons, you can arrange a schedule that suits you.
  • Your goals, your time. With private lessons, you don’t have to share your learning time. You get 100% of your instructor’s attention and you set the goals for your learning.
  • Big chunks or bite-sized? You can do full-day lessons, break up your learning into smaller sessions, or mix and match— the choice is yours.

How you’ll learn with our private in-person classes from Berlitz Venezuela

  1. Book your classes directly at the learning center.
  2. At the beginning of each lesson, your instructor will outline the goals for the session so you know exactly what you’re aiming at.
  3. You will learn through our proven Berlitz Method. This means your instructor will deliver your classes in your target language to equip you with real-world conversational skills.
  4. Every lesson follows the present, practice, and perform structure. Your instructor first presents new learning content, after which you will learn through guided and general practice, ending the lesson with a performance of what you have learned.

Semi-private classes

Semi-private instruction is ideal if you want to learn quickly and keep costs down. You learn in a pair, thus benefiting from a very private learning atmosphere - almost like individual classes. Immersing yourself in the new language in groups of 2 trainees allows you to learn new vocabulary and grammar through speech and improve your understanding of a new culture. It’s particularly suitable for employees of the same company, couples, or friends. Our semi-private lessons are customized with a flexible schedule, volume, and content.

All the attention, half the cost

If you come with a partner, friend, or colleague, you can decide between an intensive compact program with daily lessons or a regular course with 1 or 2 lessons per week. Having a learning partner is fun and motivating, but you both save money by sharing the costs.

Choose your course

  • Personal attention
  • High-quality course material
  • Innovative and customized program
  • Flexible lessons and content
  • Flexible volume

Frequently asked questions:

You can reschedule your in-person private language classes until 4 PM the working day before your lesson, and it is subject to confirmation of availability.

You can take your in-person private language class in a restaurant and have lunch with your instructor. This way, you can practice the language in a real-life situation.

If you are busy and don’t want to go to the language center, our instructor can also come to your house and have the language lesson there for an additional travel cost.

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