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The Berlitz Online Placement Test is necessary for establishing your linguistic level. To start your language program, you will be asked to take a speaking test to validate your level. There are 68 questions in the test. Before you start the test, you should read the instructions in the supported language. The multiple choice test is intuitive for the user. You should answer every question. Points are not deducted for an incorrect answer; any unanswered question will be marked as "incorrect".

The test length is about 30-35 minutes, and the results are displayed on the screen and sent to the user’s email address as soon as the test is finished. A copy of the test results is also sent to the Language Center selected at the registration.

Assessment: This is the Berlitz level at which the test taker is assessed.

Program recommendation: This is a Berlitz Level program or a choice of two programs that would be most suitable based on the results of this test. A Berlitz Representative can help you make a decision based on your result and specific needs. Contact your local Berlitz center for personal advice. Test your language skills for free with the Berlitz Online Placement Test.

Technical requirements

Please be sure your computer and internet connection meet the following requirements in order to ensure the test performs properly:

  • An “evergreen“ browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 10 and higher
  • Supported OS like Windows 10, 8, 7, or the latest iOS version
  • Sound card, external speakers, or a headset
  • Disable the pop-up blockers

For users of smartphones and tablets:

  • Supported mobile OS: latest versions of iOS, Android, or Windows Phone
  • Supported mobile browsers: latest versions of Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
  • For an ideal test setting, please read the instructions on the intro page of the test, after you have entered your personal data.

The most common technical problems experienced when trying to use the online test are:

  • Pop-ups are blocked
  • The local network is "overloaded" (try at a different time or in a different network)
  • The firewall is blocking access to the test

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